Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Frustration With MKK

6th September 2011 (Tuesday) 1049AM <- I am supposed to work

But what am I doing now?? Blogging.. haha

I am too frustrated and disappointed with MKK. I believe everyone and most of my friend also feel the same. Stupid MKK, stupid TNEMNREVOG.

Why am I so disappointed?
1. Their policy
2. Their working attitude, that will not allow the country to move forward
3. A check with the top ppl in KFPB are all *@#&@(*#@#
4. No simple manner when talking. Come on, you may have higher post than me, but after office hour, you're human, and i'm human too. We still have to eat, sleep.
5. Recently, the 1+1 policy.. What causes this? No money to pay salary? I would say they never plan long term. All their policy always short-lived. New people come, new policy..

Recently, this KFPB issue out one letter asking me to do stupid data collection. MW always mention in meeting, why do our KFPB keep on asking for data, and didnt analyze it. The always ask ridiculous and impossible data. Some data can be traced from AGAIANAMRAHP, but they still insist us to collect it. In the end? All rubbish data, and wasting time. And also, the person who called me was so rude on the phone. I believe you are in the HQ, create all the policy asking us to service with smile, but you yourself so rude!! Imagine I ask my staff not to come late to work, but I myself come late to work. (@*#(@#

I really 'beh tahan' all this TNEMNREVOG policy lar. How?

I really wish to put all my heart into work. But seeing all this happening really shit.

Let me share one experience. In private sector, your staff underperform, you can kick them out. But in TNEMNREVOG, you have to write letter to various boss. And after few months, the problematic staff is still there. In private sector, in order to get promotion, you must work hard and always have initiative to bring changes to the company. But in TNEMNREVOG, you work just to pass your time and try to push away responsibilities. 'saya nak balik menyusu anak' WTF!!

Another thing that I dislike is I am a problem-solver!! People will bring their list of problem and let me know, expect me to solve it. Why can't you solve it or try your best to solve it, before bringing it to me? Imagine I work in a company, and I cannot switch on my computer. I call my boss and let him know and wait for him to do thing. What if that company got 300 staff? That morning printer rosak, and all 300 staff call the boss!!

And I attended a meeting with all the top TSICAMARAHP. During the introduction session, they boast that they have various experience. As if they are so good, willing to sacrifice being posted to various places. I respect them for willing to sacrifice their whole life working far away in the jungle and away from family. Now is another era! Don't tell me you will not buy computer for your children, because you think you can survive without computer last time! @##*(@#*#@ Then there is junior TSICAMARAHP who keep on talking on phone and sleep in the meeting. What kind of working attitude is this?

I am so pissed off..

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