Thursday, September 15, 2011

Communication Problem

Why is it so hard to talk to someone?

I want to discuss, and I really hope you can use better voice tone to talk to me. Respect me ok?
The thing belong to both of us, that's why i respect you and discuss with you. But you use 'sad/depress' tone to talk with me. I feel so not motivated after talking to you.

I really do a lot of thing, each time also got 'hit' down by you. Really feel sad. I do the hardwork to find people. Fine..

Today driving back for 2 hours, mind keep on thinking on how to talk better. Just now on the phone, feel like have to rethink my words before saying out.

I just back from 'kursus kepimpinan.. komunikasi berkesan'. Do you know why we have 2 eyes, 2 ears, and only one mouth? God want us to see and listen more, and talk less. I feel you don't listen attentively to my words. <- if i say out this to you, sure end up arguing with you, as you may say i blame on you again. I am person who talk very little and always look around. Really i feel the problem is not with me..

The speaker also share with us one good story, during his experience as a counseller:
Woman : Encik, saya rasa sedih. Suami saya tidak tolong saya buat kerja rumah, jaga anak, etc.. Dia cuma hanya tahu duduk dan baca surat khabar sahaja.
Speaker : Puan, boleh saya tanya puan berapa lama anda 'dating' dengan suami anda
Woman : 5 tahun
Speaker : 5 tahun agak lama, dan masa itu, adakah suami puan pun mempunyai sikap begitu?
Woman : Ya
Speaker : Itulah masalahnya. Kalau puan dah tahu suami jenis begitu, lepas kahwin, memang akan terus begitu. Sikap seorang adalah sejak dari muda lagi. Puan boleh perlahan-lahan menukarkan sikap suami puan. Contohnya, cuba berbincang dengan dia bahawa puan sudah letih membuat kerja rumah...

This story makes me keep on thinking whether we can move on or not? Always got communication problem. Always I have to give in. I don't know how long i can stand this. I am sad.

No alcohol, no kaki to drink with..

Good night..

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