Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspiring words Oct 2009

Oct 2009 was a bad month for me. I was being sent to a rural place to work. I was glad that time I have a group of friend who cheer me up. They even bought me induction cooker for me to cook.

Below are some of the words that I would like to keep it in my blog, so that I can read it again in the future:

'HP, d journey of our life is full of many uncertainty n challenges. may b u think that something that happen to u is not good n uncontrollable but any changes in ur life may have their own meaning. u may not know wat will happen next. it may b a good n bright future waiting for u to explore them. so dun b sad n dun think too much. as long as u had try ur best to fight for urself, the result may not be important. most important is that u never ever give up n never regret in ur life. sleep earlier. tomorrow will b a whole new day' K.E.W

'sorry 4 being too quite all d while.. I just too get used 2 it already. I'll try 2 b more talkative next time.. Haha.. Bt i got listen 1 wo, although my face look like dreaming.. :P I know i may not b d right person 2 say anything.. Bt what is life? Is 2 explore n experience, for d best n d worst.. Oops.. Sorry talk too much d. Take care. If need anything, tell me la.. I will do whatever I can. See ya.' T.L.Y

'HP, this is W.T. Although I only know you for 2 days, i realize that you're a nice person. I can see there are many ppl care for you and treasure you as a good fren. I understand tat ur posting is not a good place. But HP, be tough. If you've been through this, then you'll be a tough guy, mentally charming. If you want someone to chat with, i'm willing to do this even though we're not so close. If you want some entertainment, i can be ur pirate dvd supplier of those hong kong tvb dramas. Dun envy others who get a good place, and dun fell bad oso even though u get this place. Remember, only unusual person can survive in extreme condition. You're different. You're unusual. Be tough, ok? Smile 1 :)' T.W.T

'Hi HP, Just texting in with a simple HI. Hope is well at your side. Never had doubt that you'll do just fine- you've always been one who turns each obstacle into an opportunity, so keep the fighting spirit up :) Take good care there! Good night.' N.P.L

Thanks a lot my friends who cheer me up when I am down :)

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