Monday, June 06, 2011

Mesyuarat Teknikal A&P Zon Timur 2011

Just came back from Mesyuarat Teknikal A&P Zon Timur 2011 from 24-26 Mei at Crown Garden Hotel, Kota Bahru.

This is a good opportunity for me to meet all the big boss in the pharmacy world. I'm the noobest junior pharmacist there. HaHa.. All are above U48, and I am the only U41 there.
They discuss lots of issues, which i do not wish to highlight here.

Just want to share my experience here, i mean the journey to Kota Bahru. It was a long 6 hour journey from Jerantut to Kota Bahru. Road condition is quite ok, just that 2 hours before reaching Kota Bahru, the traffic is quite bad. Slow driver, lots of traffic light, making us feel like it is almost impossible to reach Kota Bahru town.

All this while, I thought Kota Bahru is a conservative town. However, after going there, I shall comfirm that Kota Bahru is not that bad. Although Chinese population just 2% of the whole Kelantan population (told by KPF Hosp Kota Bahru), but there is one whole stretch of Chinese food along the street. And they can sell pork by road side!! And also the girls there can wear hot pants too.

After all this, I doubt the reliability of our press (newspaper, TV). Why? The like to EXAGGERATE small issue, and they like to HIDE serious issue. Previously before I went to Bangkok last year, they show it like the condition is very serious in Thailand (eg red army issue etc..). However, everything is fine only when I was there.

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