Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Birthday 2010

This year birthday quite simple.

This is my post in Facebook:

Thanks all for the birthday wishes, gifts & cakes!!

2010 has been a year of me learning to be a better and wiser man.

I did many crazy thing this year.
...Went overseas 3x (Bali, Melbourne, Bangkok)
Local holiday (Redang, Rainbow waterfall, Cameron Highland, Malacca)
Receive birthday call from 9,000KM away from Kuantan. Great!!

The best of all is SKYDIVING!!

PS: I am so lazy to reply one by one.. haha

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December 19, 2010 at 9:30pm Friends Only · ·

It started with a celebration at Mentakab with my close friend from there. This year they celebrate Shi Mun and my birthday. Thanks to Li Guo, Sin Yee, Yew Yik, Siew Chin, Kogi, and dentist friend.

Back at Kuantan, I celebrated at home with family. As usual, get ang pao from everyone at home :)
Then this year got a special Secret Recipe cheese cake with lots of nice home-cook food. Nice :)Then, at the same night, my Kuantan's close friend (Quek, Kheng Ying, Ee Wei, Suok Teng, and Li Yin) celebrated with me at Tea's house. Got a Padini T-shirt from them. Thanks thanks..

Then, at Jerantut, I was surprised by 2 hand-made card by my housemate + Mr Fun.And I got a new bed sheet from them too. They think that my old bed sheet is not nice :( And they brought me a very striking colourful bed sheet.Also, there is a special carrot cake made by Mr Fun. Weird, but taste nice.Thanks again everyone:)

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