Saturday, October 16, 2010

1 year in KK Sungai Tekam Utara

A lot has happen in this 1 year time. From the moment I enter HTAA as PRP, till i become FRP. Within 3 months working, I was told to become YM (Yang Menjaga) for the whole district of Jerantut.

When I first got here, I set a few target for me to achieve in this place, and due date is on 15 October 2010. Well today is 23 October 2010, and I am still 40% away from my target. Emotion and lack of discipline cause me to fail in achieving my target. I give myself another half year that is 15 April 2010 to achieve the milestone!

However, this 1 year here is good. My blog has been receiving visitor searching for 'sungai tekam utara'. If you were to google 'kk sungai tekam utara', my blog will appear top in the search result. HaHa.. There is people telling me doctor who read my blog, choose not to work here.

This place is not bad after all. People here are nice. Working environment is good. There are only 2 things that I dont like. First, is handling methadone patient, sick of handling them actually. Although I try to be nice to them, but some of them, are really helpless, they are just like big baby. Secondly, is to travel 40+km/per way each day to work. That is a damage to my wallet (RM500 per month of petrol). Since I am YM, I got to attend meeting, and methadone is something that I cannot leave to somebody else. It is like you're having a baby, but you want to go holiday. I did request from my boss to be transferred few days ago when I met her in Mesyuarat Pengurusan. She did call me on the next day, and now I am waiting for good news from her.

Jerantut people need me. Large amount of money is put on me to spend, it is up to me to spend it wisely. I admit the first month I was here, I was so lost. But slowly I found the changes that I need to bring to Jerantut. More to do, my work never end. Working almost everyday (mon-sun) (sometimes curi tulang for a few times) for the past 1 year has been crazy. I still manage to take a few long break to Bali, Redang, and Melbourne. Will be going to Bangkok next month.

To my junior who has been posted to rural area, take this chance to experience the life there. Try their lifestyle, food, get into their daily life. A lot of life long skill can be learn here. Most important is to give the best treatment and medication advise to patient.

I once told one of my friend; how do you define a good pharmacist? Is the pharmacist who knows all the latest drug, who know everything but doesnt know how to apply it to patient is a good pharmacist? To me, a good pharmacist is a caring pharmacist who knows how to make sure patient eat their medication daily (compliance good), and receive the best treatment.

During this 1 year period, there are a few pharmacist whom I really salute and respect them. They are my role model. Quietly I am learning from you all. There is no need for me to disclose name here. :)


akiratm said...

lol, ur blog not bad. wat ur target actaully in half year?

too bad, i donno how to define a good pharmacist. for me, i just work for money now. patient not my concern at all... so i am not a good pharmacist.

hp84 said...

Hi Mr Teo,
Thanks for dropping by.
my target.. :)

Very subjective to define a good pharmacist. Just give your best to your patient, is good enough :)

Taufik said...

Hai Hp,nice blog. you are good pharmacist!

hp84 said...

Hi [Taufik]

Thanks for your compliment.
We're all good pharmacist:)