Saturday, September 18, 2010

Melbourne Trip Day 1

This is the first time I travel so far.. far away from home..

8 hours flight is really suffering, hardly sleep, even though the leg space of AirAsia flight is big enough..

Anyway, I reach Melbourne Tullamarine airport at 820AM (Malaysian time is 620AM). I was stopped by the custom officer, because i tried to 'smuggle' in 4 boxes of mooncake and 3 boxes of soup powder.
Then, I took Skybus (costing $16 per way) to get to South Cross Station in Melbourne. I like the breezing cold wind and temperature i think is about 18 degree celcius. If you plan to travel a lot in Melbourne area, get the weekly Metlink card, which enable you to travel unlimited ride on train, bus, tram.. Picture below show the South Cross Station, which is the busiest station and is the interchange just like KL Sentral in Malaysia..
The train system in Melbourne is quite easy to understand, just use their official website at I really give a rating of 9/10 for their accessability and affordability of public transport. I took train to Camberwell to find my cousin.

Then, we head to Melbourne City and had our lunch at Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant. First time I tried vietnamese food. Well, this restaurant has been visited by the famous Bill Clinton. I ordered 'Broken Rice With The Lot', which contain pork chop, shredded chop and fried egg. My cousin ordered 'Rice Noodle Soup'. Price is not cheap though, at $30 for 2 person (=RM90) per meal.
Then, we head to Smith Street, as there is Nike clearance, all item discount 40%. Along the way, we saw this human-who-act like statue. He is 'Albert Stone', dress up in greyish attire and also has greyish skin colour.
Next is taking tram to Docklands. In Docklands, there is an exhibition 'The Amazing Bodies'. Basically, this person (i dont know his name), chop human or animal into pieces for exhibition. I didnt enter the exhibition. Walking along Docklands, can observe many nicely build condominium and restaurant along the riverside. Sadly, not many stay at that place. Then, we walk all the way to Crown Casino. This casino is really different from Genting. We can see people gambling openly, and no cigarette smoking is allowed. Then, we had ice cream at 'Trampoline'. Imagine eating ice cream at such a cold place.

Then, heading back, we dropped by at WoolWorths to do shop for some groceries. Various kind of pork and i like the self-payment counter. All we need to do is scan the item, put into plastic bag, and pay either using cash or credit card. Very convenient.

Temperature now is at 11 degree celcius, it's freaking cold out there. So, I just stay at home.

Stay tune for Melbourne Trip Day 2..

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