Friday, June 18, 2010

Redang Trip 2010 Part 2

Continue from previous post Redang Trip 2010 Part 1, let me continue with more pictures, mainly underwater pictures.

Let me start with surface picture. That is me and Ammar (MA KK Chini).
Next is picture of Taufik, Ammar, Ee Wei, and Ee Siew.Next picture I dont know what to say. They are grabbing for a single life jacket? Or they want to crush Kheng Ying.. lol..Next is picture of Ammar and Siew Chin. Luckily she got the guts to snorkel, or else will be wasted this Redang Trip.William Tong is very brave, because he didn't even rent life jacket. From the moment our boat stop in the middle of the sea, he straight dive into the sea, leaving us and other people amazed. Nice picture of him feeding fishes.Ee Wei is also quite daring to take off her life jacket to take this picture. Nice post with Ammar at the back holding her life jacket and helping her in case she struggle in the middle of the sea.I took a few underwater pictures, and I admit I dont really know how to pose underwater. With the help of one diving instructor, he push me hard deep into the sea (of course have to take deep breath first), then there i go, dive as deep as possible on my own and ready to pose. Deep as in 6-8metres deep (2 floors deep!!). I uploaded 2 pictures here. As you can see, corals are not nice and not much fishes in the spot that I dive into.Next time, I definitely want to go take diving pictures again, and will practice posing in swimming pool first. That is me getting back to the surface and feel nice, first time dive deep down into the sea. Nice experience.

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