Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Redang Trip 2010 Part 1

Date: 9-11 April 2010
Venue: Laguna Redang Beach ResortPreviously I have been to this island before during my triple island trip. Since we are working now, so we decided to stay in this 5-star hotel.Upon arrival, we were briefed on do's and dont's in the island. We were also served complimentary drink at the check-in hall. Food here is nice, worth RM540 that we paid for this trip's ground arrangement+food. I believe I gain weight after this trip.

Next picture was taken from the hotel's beach bar. Nice rite drinking cocktail or fruit juice while enjoying the view there.Day 1, we went snorkeling at Marine Park. No pictures were taken there as we decided to rent the underwater camera on Day 2 (RM100 + RM200 deposit refundable). I would like to give me personal comment here. Marine Park's water is not as clear as 2 years ago. Coral (珊瑚) are mostly dead corals. I would say underwater view of Perhentian Island and Lang Tengah Island are much nicer.Then, we took picture around the resort and had a game of beach volleyball + monkey's game.We also took a few jumping shot. Suok Teng is so excited. And I gave a flying kick to Miss Kwan. Lol..Next picture is the free ride provided by the hotel to bring us to the jetty, which is just 100m away from hotel. Introducing Mr William Tong as our driver. Can you spot me? lol..After dinner, we went to Recreation Centre to play pool. RM4 per game, i feel quite expensive. But the girls are able to play for 40 minutes. Really worth it. LOL..On Day 2, we had to gather at the jetty at 930AM for briefing, because this time we will be going to deep-sea snorkeling. The picture below was taken at the hotel's jetty before departure to deep sea.
We were brought to an area nearby human-shape island. See the picture below. The island behind Ammar is the human shape island. Head on the left side, just like a human floating on the water.Again, I am a bit disappointed with the view underwater. Nothing to shout about. This time we rented underwater camera and I will blog underwater picture in the next post. So stay tune yea..Lastly, I would like to thank Taufik and Ammar, both our professional DSLR photographer for helping us to take all the beautiful pictures. Let me end this post with my favourite picture of the trip :)Stay tune for Redang Trip 2010 Part 2.


EriN said...

hey hey hey!!!u have such a great time in redang with friends=)
just to ask,u book this from where??thought of going next month,so can give me the contact number pls??thanx ya=D

WP said...

Looks like you had a great time ^_^

The sea in the last pic's background is really nice, with the layers of different colours...but why you don't look very happy one? lol

Will be waiting for the next post...

hp84 said...

to [EriN]
You can check from this website:
But there are other alternative resort along the beach, which is cheaper. :)

to [WP]
Yea, quite fun, especially when diving down the sea without life jacket