Friday, April 16, 2010

Half year at Sg Tekam Utara

19th April 2010, it has been half year since I started working in KK Sungai Tekam Utara, Jerantut. Words to describe this half year; leadership, family, money, badminton, holiday, lonely, stress..

Leadership.. since i am the boss for pharmacy here, i got to do lots of decision. Managing the biggest district in Pahang is not easy. Logistic, transport, manpower, we really facing problem with all this. I keep on remind myself to be a leader who can inspire and motivate my staff..

Family.. being far away from home (actually not far, 2 hours drive from Kuantan, but methadone really tie me down here). I miss home a lot too..

Money.. when I started working here, i was so lost. The feeling of being dumped into such an area really bad.. But i found another objective, and I am glad to say that I am going well to achieve my objective :)

Badminton.. I play badminton every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I rarely play futsal nowadays. Badminton is a good sport to train teamwork and keep your brain working (to find strategy to win your opponent).

Holiday.. For this past half year, I've been to Fraser's Hill, Langkawi Island, Bali, Redang. 4 places in half year..not bad huh :) Then my job as YM pharmacy of Jerantut require me to travel for meetings. I have been to Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuala Terengganu and Johor Bahru too..

Lonely.. although I have 3 chinese pharmacist friend in Jerantut, but I still feel something missing in my life.. lonely.. oo.. i am so lonely..

----- Trip to Kota Gelanggi 2&4-----

Today is Friday, so lunch time is quite long from 1215-245PM. So i made a trip to Kota Gelanggi 2&4 (about 10 minutes drive from Sg Tekam Utara). What is so special about this place? There is a few indian families and one chinese family here. I know the family of Siva and Cheng here. They will come to KK Sg Tekam Utara to get medicine once in a while.

Siva is a nice person. This is the second time I met him. How about the Cheng's family. His son name is Albert Cheng and mother name is Ng Yok Moi. They are known as peneroka and penerokawati. I visited their house, but they are not at home. It is a very run-down 1-storey wooden house with huge compound. I would say their house is so 'basic'. Very dark inside and no luxuries.

Few Q comes into my mind? How do they live in such place? Why don't they move to Mentakab or Jerantut? They do speak chinese to me..

Then I met cleaner of my clinic, whose contract has been stopped by my PKD. Now she own a small kedai makan. Earning just RM30-5o per day, with 3 children to raise up as single mother. It is not easy u know! Max she can earn is RM750 per month. She told me she would like to open a stall, but that require capital of about RM2000. RM2000 is such a big amount to them. Any share market player can earn that amount easily within minutes.. You see.. how big the gap between the rich, middle, and poor people.

For those who keep on mentioning their salary is not enough. Please make a trip here and you will see how they survive with such a low salary. But I can see they live happily in the area. People are close to each other. That is something money cannot buy .. happiness.. agree? or partially agree?

-----My car number .. lottery-----

Lottery.. hmm.. I don't buy lottery, but my family member do buy lottery. Few weeks ago during my cousin wedding dinner at Cyberview Lodge Resort KL, I drove my car there fetching few aunties. They bought my car plate's number (i heard big amount too). But my number didnt come out. And I was told by my aunt and my methadone patient that my car's number hit first place for Magnum on 15th April 2010. None of them bought my car number. LOL..

My point here is.. don't buy lottery, get the money and invest in BJTOTO, TANJONG, GENTING. That is much better with the high dividen yield and capital appreciation.

-----Tn Shaik came yesterday-----

Yesterday (15th April 2010), Tn Shaik came to visit one of my clinic. Everything goes well. I made a short presentation to him, showing our achievement and future plan with issues that we are facing. I am glad he is happy with this trip. I told him I want to ask for transfer.. but not now of course.. After I have build a 'sustainable' pharmacy here. Sustainable meaning the whole system can be taken over by someone else easily in the future. Lots of improvement can be done here. In Klinik Kesihatan, we are much closer to the patient. We get to see them often, can make home visit, and provide very detail counseling to them.

HaHa.. I got so much to write today.. That's all, got to go meet my boss to propose something new to him :)

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