Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost Breakdown

Words to describe myself today..

Loss of focus..
Feel down..

I got lots of personal thought to blog today. It will be more of complaint. I know I should not complain much, but just let me voice it out here.

Busy.. Everyday is busy day for me. My work now as YM Jerantut is terrible. The job is never ending you know. Apart from my core job of dispensing, counseling and methadone, I have to do purchasing. Well, the word 'purchasing' may seem simple. But the whole process of purchasing is not simple. From screening my pembantu's order, sending to Pejabat to get the LO number, then have to push Pharmaniaga to send the medicine, the getting all the Delivery Order number back to me from all the clinics in Jerantut (not easy, as Jerantut is the biggest district and transportation is not easily available). Then got to send back to Pejabat to wait for Invoice, then only payment can be done. 15 days period given to me to settle the payment once all items has been sent by Pharmaniaga.

I have to attend meeting at least once every 2 weeks. Meeting after meeting will add on more task into my organizer. Damn meeting! I used to like meeting, because can escape from Sg Tekam, but now I start to get tired of attending meeting.

Taking over someone's job is not easy. I prefer to start it all fresh. All of thing need to be changed to make a better system. The key word here is sustainable work flow. I want to create a system that the future YM who take over my job can just do is with ease. Proper filing system, proper recording system, proper arrangement of medicines..etc..

Stress.. no need to explain much.. but I got way to destress myself..

Humiliation.. Well today I face humiliation. I do not wish to mention name here. But I am still thinking of a way to handle such situation. The person who humiliate me can just talk nice in front of me half an hour after that. Shit!! I choose to just keep quiet and smile to the person, when the person humuliate me in front of a big group. The mistake is not done by me ok? I just take over this post of YM February 2010 and those thing that happen in 2009 2008 2007 .. is beyond my control.

Tiredness.. Yesterday I had not enough sleep, and I went for badminton. Plus today Pharmaniaga send their stock to my pharmacy. All need to be arranged into the store.

Loss of focus.. Well, I admit I do lose focus sometimes. I have to keep on remind myself to stay focus. Successful person is someone who can focus.. to achieve target..

Feel down.. today I just feel down.. Even falling down, we got to stand up again. So, I tell myself to feel 'up'!!

By the way, today is not all bad. My room's aircond has finally been fixed. Can sleep with aircond and can switch on aircond to 'cool' me down. HAIO shoots up 8% today. :)

Working in PKD Jerantut is a good training ground for me to learn principle of life. Learn to handle various kind of people. Although I am the boss of pharmacy here, but I admit I am not a good leader. I would use these few words to describe myself as boss; soft, not fierce, not strict. One close friend once told me a leader is someone who can inspire and motivate their staff. This is a skill that I wish to master before I leave Jerantut.

Just stay focus.. focus.. focus..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bali Trip Day 2

Let's continue with Bali Trip Day 2.

Day 2, we had to check out from hotel early in the morning to move to the northern part of Bali. Along the journey we drop by various places. The first place that we went was a silver-making shop that sell various jeweleries.Then, we head to a place named Padi Prada. This place is famous for its cripsy duck. The portion of the food is huge! I wonder why Balinese like to serve big portion of food. Crispy duck is really crispy, but I feel it is too oily.Then, we were sent to Ubud and free and easy along the busy market, selling shirts, paintings, creative wooden handicraft. This is a good place to improve your bargaining skill. Once you enter those shop, it is hard for you to exit, unless you introduce new customer to them (Jason's skill.. haha).
Not far away from the market is a temple. Well, Bali is full with temples, as the island is populated by >90% Hindus. As usual, we do crazy pose at temples!Just opposite the temple is the famous Ibu Oka Ubud, that sells Babi Guling. If you were to enter their shop, you may notice the whole pig's skin being peeled off, and meats being chopped into pieces to be served. It may look terrible.But after it is being served, it looks nice. The skin is really crispy, and people go to the shop aiming to get the skin. It is being served with a type of sauce (I don't know what is the name of the sauce). Babi guling is just edible, but it is something that you must try if you go to Bali.
Due to request by Choo Uei, we head to coffee farm to try the famous and expensive Luwak coffee. We were brought on tour to learn about Male and Female coffee seed. Well, male coffee seeds are much valuable in term of value. 1 cup of Luwak coffee cost us 30,000 rupiah (about RM 11 per cup). I don't really like the taste of Luwak coffee. They also have coffee cigarette there. Well, from smoker's point of view, it is not as good as the normal cigarette.Our last stop before being sent to hotel was to Kintamani, where we can see beautiful view of 2 volcanoes. Gunung .. and Gunung Abang. This is the first time I see volcano from such a close distance. Both the volcanoes are separeted by a lake. The view is really magnificent.
That's all for Day 2.. and it has been a tiring day for us. We were brought for a beach side dinner, and check-in to our hotel at Melka Excelsior Hotel.

Stay tune for Bali Trip Day 3