Friday, February 26, 2010

Bali Trip Day 1

Upon arrival, we were brought to our hotel, Kuta Lagoon Resort. Although it is just a 3-star hotel, but the place is nice, with beautifully designed swimming pool linked directly to room's balcony. Below is the picture of the hotel's room.Then, we had complementary drink from the hotel in place where we can sing song, and we dedicate happy birthday song to Vanessa. Nice place with lots of songs, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and English song. The drink is nice too.Then, we head to the busy Kuta street. It is a very long street (maybe a few KM), with lots of clubbing and shopping places along the narrow one lane street. We had our dinner in one of the Balinese-theme restaurant (couldn't recall the name). Food is just average, but the environment is perfect with a swimming pool next to the restaurant. This is the first time we tried Bintang Beer. I feel it is nicer compared to Carlsberg or Tiger beer in Malaysia. Price is reasonable too, if I am not mistaken, about 1800 rupiah (about RM6.60).We also been to the famous bombing site, where lots of people being killed (mainly Australian). However, no picture were taken. Shopping in Kuta street is not cheap.

That's it for Day 1. From Day 1, we are exposed to new words by our tour guide.
Gek, Kenyang, Kupu-kupu malam, Mantap, etc..

Stay tune for Bali Trip Day 2..

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