Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kursus Induksi at Johor Bahru

Venue: Hotel Naza Talyya, Johor Bahru
Date: 23-26 Jan 2010
This is a very last minute course, and i was informed 2 days before the course. Luckily I have no other plan for the weekend. Previously, kursus induksi is a 14 days course, but for us, the whole syllabus has been cramped into 4-day course. This time involve a bigger group as Pegawai Perubatan, Pergigian, and Farmasi from Pahang, Johor, and Melaka all gather here. From 8AM till night 1030PM, we just listen to talk.

During break time, we manage to sneak out too. On day 1, I went to Tebrau City shopping centre with Aziah and Shi Mun. The taxi fare cost us whopping RM45 for return trip!! It is just an ordinary Jusco-shopping centre and we had our late lunch there, Nando's!! Traffic condition along Jalan Tebrau is so bad. Maybe they should just remove the traffic light and build flyover. I believe that will smoothen the traffic flow there.

On Day 2, I went with my HTAA's friend along with few new friends to City Square. Just another shopping centre. Too bad I didnt get to go to Danga Bay. Maybe someday I will come Johor again for kursus or mesyuarat.

Back to hotel life, every night we will sit outside the restaurant and talk talk talk.. It is nice to meet back old friend and catch up with them.

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