Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Birthday 2010

This year birthday quite simple.

This is my post in Facebook:

Thanks all for the birthday wishes, gifts & cakes!!

2010 has been a year of me learning to be a better and wiser man.

I did many crazy thing this year.
...Went overseas 3x (Bali, Melbourne, Bangkok)
Local holiday (Redang, Rainbow waterfall, Cameron Highland, Malacca)
Receive birthday call from 9,000KM away from Kuantan. Great!!

The best of all is SKYDIVING!!

PS: I am so lazy to reply one by one.. haha

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December 19, 2010 at 9:30pm Friends Only · ·

It started with a celebration at Mentakab with my close friend from there. This year they celebrate Shi Mun and my birthday. Thanks to Li Guo, Sin Yee, Yew Yik, Siew Chin, Kogi, and dentist friend.

Back at Kuantan, I celebrated at home with family. As usual, get ang pao from everyone at home :)
Then this year got a special Secret Recipe cheese cake with lots of nice home-cook food. Nice :)Then, at the same night, my Kuantan's close friend (Quek, Kheng Ying, Ee Wei, Suok Teng, and Li Yin) celebrated with me at Tea's house. Got a Padini T-shirt from them. Thanks thanks..

Then, at Jerantut, I was surprised by 2 hand-made card by my housemate + Mr Fun.And I got a new bed sheet from them too. They think that my old bed sheet is not nice :( And they brought me a very striking colourful bed sheet.Also, there is a special carrot cake made by Mr Fun. Weird, but taste nice.Thanks again everyone:)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Turn back the time

If only I can turn back the time..

A lot thing has happen in this past few years..

I just wish I can turn back the time..

Why do I keep on repeating mistake? Even with reminder, notes, I can reduce mistake in my life.. But keep on committing new mistake..

People sea , people mountain..

People walk into my life, and walk out of my life.. Peope I love all move out of my life.. Memory is still deep there.. Some TVB drama, so easy, the person get into coma, and wake up with a blank memory..

Teach me how do I move on??

Saturday, October 16, 2010

1 year in KK Sungai Tekam Utara

A lot has happen in this 1 year time. From the moment I enter HTAA as PRP, till i become FRP. Within 3 months working, I was told to become YM (Yang Menjaga) for the whole district of Jerantut.

When I first got here, I set a few target for me to achieve in this place, and due date is on 15 October 2010. Well today is 23 October 2010, and I am still 40% away from my target. Emotion and lack of discipline cause me to fail in achieving my target. I give myself another half year that is 15 April 2010 to achieve the milestone!

However, this 1 year here is good. My blog has been receiving visitor searching for 'sungai tekam utara'. If you were to google 'kk sungai tekam utara', my blog will appear top in the search result. HaHa.. There is people telling me doctor who read my blog, choose not to work here.

This place is not bad after all. People here are nice. Working environment is good. There are only 2 things that I dont like. First, is handling methadone patient, sick of handling them actually. Although I try to be nice to them, but some of them, are really helpless, they are just like big baby. Secondly, is to travel 40+km/per way each day to work. That is a damage to my wallet (RM500 per month of petrol). Since I am YM, I got to attend meeting, and methadone is something that I cannot leave to somebody else. It is like you're having a baby, but you want to go holiday. I did request from my boss to be transferred few days ago when I met her in Mesyuarat Pengurusan. She did call me on the next day, and now I am waiting for good news from her.

Jerantut people need me. Large amount of money is put on me to spend, it is up to me to spend it wisely. I admit the first month I was here, I was so lost. But slowly I found the changes that I need to bring to Jerantut. More to do, my work never end. Working almost everyday (mon-sun) (sometimes curi tulang for a few times) for the past 1 year has been crazy. I still manage to take a few long break to Bali, Redang, and Melbourne. Will be going to Bangkok next month.

To my junior who has been posted to rural area, take this chance to experience the life there. Try their lifestyle, food, get into their daily life. A lot of life long skill can be learn here. Most important is to give the best treatment and medication advise to patient.

I once told one of my friend; how do you define a good pharmacist? Is the pharmacist who knows all the latest drug, who know everything but doesnt know how to apply it to patient is a good pharmacist? To me, a good pharmacist is a caring pharmacist who knows how to make sure patient eat their medication daily (compliance good), and receive the best treatment.

During this 1 year period, there are a few pharmacist whom I really salute and respect them. They are my role model. Quietly I am learning from you all. There is no need for me to disclose name here. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Melbourne Trip Day 1

This is the first time I travel so far.. far away from home..

8 hours flight is really suffering, hardly sleep, even though the leg space of AirAsia flight is big enough..

Anyway, I reach Melbourne Tullamarine airport at 820AM (Malaysian time is 620AM). I was stopped by the custom officer, because i tried to 'smuggle' in 4 boxes of mooncake and 3 boxes of soup powder.
Then, I took Skybus (costing $16 per way) to get to South Cross Station in Melbourne. I like the breezing cold wind and temperature i think is about 18 degree celcius. If you plan to travel a lot in Melbourne area, get the weekly Metlink card, which enable you to travel unlimited ride on train, bus, tram.. Picture below show the South Cross Station, which is the busiest station and is the interchange just like KL Sentral in Malaysia..
The train system in Melbourne is quite easy to understand, just use their official website at I really give a rating of 9/10 for their accessability and affordability of public transport. I took train to Camberwell to find my cousin.

Then, we head to Melbourne City and had our lunch at Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant. First time I tried vietnamese food. Well, this restaurant has been visited by the famous Bill Clinton. I ordered 'Broken Rice With The Lot', which contain pork chop, shredded chop and fried egg. My cousin ordered 'Rice Noodle Soup'. Price is not cheap though, at $30 for 2 person (=RM90) per meal.
Then, we head to Smith Street, as there is Nike clearance, all item discount 40%. Along the way, we saw this human-who-act like statue. He is 'Albert Stone', dress up in greyish attire and also has greyish skin colour.
Next is taking tram to Docklands. In Docklands, there is an exhibition 'The Amazing Bodies'. Basically, this person (i dont know his name), chop human or animal into pieces for exhibition. I didnt enter the exhibition. Walking along Docklands, can observe many nicely build condominium and restaurant along the riverside. Sadly, not many stay at that place. Then, we walk all the way to Crown Casino. This casino is really different from Genting. We can see people gambling openly, and no cigarette smoking is allowed. Then, we had ice cream at 'Trampoline'. Imagine eating ice cream at such a cold place.

Then, heading back, we dropped by at WoolWorths to do shop for some groceries. Various kind of pork and i like the self-payment counter. All we need to do is scan the item, put into plastic bag, and pay either using cash or credit card. Very convenient.

Temperature now is at 11 degree celcius, it's freaking cold out there. So, I just stay at home.

Stay tune for Melbourne Trip Day 2..

Monday, September 06, 2010

Nick Vujicic - Life Without Limbs

For the whole month of puasa, I have been eating either Maggi, bread, tuna, or sardine. Quite a mundane lunch. Some of my friend responded as if it is the end of the world. To me, as long as I have food, that will be sufficient. I can eat economy rice everyday.. no big problem..

Anyway, today I would like to share this video. Spend few minutes to watch this video, you will not regret and make you rethink of your life. It is a video of Nick Vujicic.

Just a brief introduciton of Nick Vujicic, pronounced 'Vooy-cheech'. He was born in 1982 in Brisbane, Australia, with neither arms nor legs. Nick has to deal with the typical challenges of school and adolescence such as bullying, self-esteem issues and also struggled with depression and loneliness. Nick obtained a double Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning from Griffith University in Logan, Australia. Imagine that! To find out more, can read from his website:

From the video, suddenly I feel we are born into this world for some reason. There is no point complaining day and night. Imagine yourself being born just like Nick Vujicic, what will you do? He possess a few life-skill that I like; determination, inspirational, brave..

A big salute to Nick Vujicic!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Appreciate those you love

Came across this nice MV in facebook just now, so thought of sharing it..

Although I don't know what is the meaning of the song, but the movie itself is all self-explanatory..

This old man take train back to his hometown, and back to the seaside. He is an avid photographer, will take every sweet memories of him and his girlfriend, eventually wife..
Simple MV, but very touching..

How many people can find such eternal love? The guy still think of his wife even though his wife is no longer in this world..

For those who still in relationship, cherish the person who are with you.. There are the memories that you will bring on forever..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

王力宏 - 十八般武藝 Love in Disguise

I found this MV quite simple yet nice.

王力宏 - 十八般武藝 Love in Disguise

These are the 7 things that we need each and every day:
firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea

A very simple MV, but i like it. Hope I can find someone to be with me forever..

I have my own objective and dream in my life.. But i still feel something is missing.. that is someone to care for me..

Friday, July 09, 2010

神木與瞳 寬恕

Nice song that I would like to share. I really like her voice..

我走错一步 坠入万丈深谷

背叛了幸福 拿爱当赌注

曾把感情放逐 何时能结束
遇到你我想停止游牧 让爱归真返璞
飘泊会落幕 承诺说得那麽铭心刻骨

你的眼泪让我无助 你懂不懂我为爱忍辱
努力学习宽恕 原谅那错误

听见你的心还在哭 遗忘不及痛蔓延速度
希望你能觉悟 我真的领悟
伤口慢慢愈合 再被爱包覆

背叛了幸福 拿爱当赌注

曾把感情放逐 何时能结束
遇到你我想停止游牧 让爱归真返璞
飘泊会落幕 承诺说得那麽铭心刻骨

你的眼泪让我无助 你懂不懂我为爱忍辱
努力学习宽恕 原谅那错误

听见你的心还在哭 遗忘不及痛蔓延速度
希望你能觉悟 我真的领悟
伤口慢慢愈合 再被爱包覆

你的眼泪让我无助 你懂不懂我为爱忍辱
努力学习宽恕 原谅那错误

听见你的心还在哭 遗忘不及痛蔓延速度
希望你能觉悟 我真的领悟
伤口慢慢愈合 再被爱包覆

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Story of AIDS

AIDS = acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDS also can be 'anytime in danger situation'

AIDS is a disease of the immune system caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Malaysian are mostly not aware about AIDS. How do they get AIDS? This is a good link to read more on HIV/AIDS (suitable for laymen) -> AVERT international AIDS charity

Human don't actually "get" AIDS. One person might get infected with HIV, and later might develop AIDS. You can get infected with HIV from anyone who's infected, even if they don't look sick and even if they haven't tested HIV-positive yet. The blood, vaginal fluid, semen, and breast milk of people infected with HIV has enough of the virus in it to infect other people. Most people get the HIV virus by:

  • having sex with an infected person
  • sharing a needle (shooting drugs) with someone who's infected
  • being born when their mother is infected, or drinking the breast milk of an infected woman
The picture below shows you symptoms of AIDS:
Today I have a story to share on AIDS. Well, Mr A started to 'play' with drugs at the age of 23 years old. He started by taking oral stimulant drug. Later on, he switched to injection type of drug. The problem here is needle-sharing. For them to get the daily 'high', they need to spend between RM70-RM100+ per day!! (calculate per month, they can buy BMW!)

Usually it will take 10 years from the time being infected to the development of AIDS. For my patient, he is just 7 years since he started injecting various drug of abuse. At the age of 30, he is in the stage of AIDS. Few months back, he is a happy person, who comes daily to drink methadone. Young guy, with the heart to change, he no longer into the dark world of addiction.

Too bad, his body cannot take it anymore, and there it goes.. immune system of the body gave up.. HIV virus getting stronger and replicate rapidly. Symptoms come. He complained of loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, lethargy, loss of weight..

He is no longer the joyful person that i know. Now he hardly able to walk, talk, suffering in pain everyday. Now i deliver methadone to his house daily (i know i am not suppose to do that according to methadone dispensing policy, but who cares about policy, sometimes we have to change according to situation). Really heart broken and sad each time i see pass the methadone to him. Living in a kampung style home, with only his mother to take care of him, really make me sad.

The other day, he came to methadone clinic, with his brother carrying him. Somehow, I feel tear coming out, but i have to control. Even a few of my methadone client also cried. Methadone clinic in KK Sungai Tekam Utara is the best so far. All my client are very close with each other. This 9 months I am working here, there is a bond that i develop with them. They trust me and willing to share with me any information that I request. Even they willing to do anything i ask them to do.

Each day driving pass Mr A house, I will feel that I am lucky person. I have a fixed salary, family, friends. I can eat any nice food that I want to. I can afford to go holiday whenever I wish. A few of my friend say that I am a positive-thinking person. Well, I have to think positively, why would you want to make yourself suffer. Why would you want to be angry with silly thing? Just live happily and enjoy your life to the fullest. Go and learn the thing that you wish to learn, it is never too old to learn. Go holiday..

I don't know when Mr A will leave this world, but from my experience, he may not live long. So all I can do is to visit him daily and spend few minutes to talk with him. Maybe he dont need to suffer anymore after he leave this world. One thing I learn indirectly from him is .. to think before you do anything.. For his case, he choose to inject and share needle. By the time he regret, it is too late. For us, we should think twice before making any decision..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Redang Trip 2010 Part 2

Continue from previous post Redang Trip 2010 Part 1, let me continue with more pictures, mainly underwater pictures.

Let me start with surface picture. That is me and Ammar (MA KK Chini).
Next is picture of Taufik, Ammar, Ee Wei, and Ee Siew.Next picture I dont know what to say. They are grabbing for a single life jacket? Or they want to crush Kheng Ying.. lol..Next is picture of Ammar and Siew Chin. Luckily she got the guts to snorkel, or else will be wasted this Redang Trip.William Tong is very brave, because he didn't even rent life jacket. From the moment our boat stop in the middle of the sea, he straight dive into the sea, leaving us and other people amazed. Nice picture of him feeding fishes.Ee Wei is also quite daring to take off her life jacket to take this picture. Nice post with Ammar at the back holding her life jacket and helping her in case she struggle in the middle of the sea.I took a few underwater pictures, and I admit I dont really know how to pose underwater. With the help of one diving instructor, he push me hard deep into the sea (of course have to take deep breath first), then there i go, dive as deep as possible on my own and ready to pose. Deep as in 6-8metres deep (2 floors deep!!). I uploaded 2 pictures here. As you can see, corals are not nice and not much fishes in the spot that I dive into.Next time, I definitely want to go take diving pictures again, and will practice posing in swimming pool first. That is me getting back to the surface and feel nice, first time dive deep down into the sea. Nice experience.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

JJ Lin Jun Jie - Now That She's Gone

Girl you know I miss you so
I didn't know you had to go
You've had enough of our distance baby
Before I had the chance to say
I'm staying with you
For the rest of my life Oh Oh~

Don't keep telling me these words
You don't know how much it hurts Woo
And I'll promise you eternity
If you promise me your stay
But now it's too late
I'm no longer the man that I was

I will go on without her
Like a fool who's too sure
I'm like a bird who's lost her wing
A fire without its flame
I don't know how to be strong
When my love has to move on
I am a song without a soul
Now that she's gone
What's left of us is this song

Don't keep telling me these words Oh no
You don't know how much it hurts Woo
And I'll promise you eternity
If you promise me your stay
But now it's too late
I'm no longer the man that I was Wu~

I will go on without her Wu~
Like a fool who's too sure
I'm like a bird who's lost her wing
A fire without its flame
I don't know how to be strong
When my love has to move on
I am a song without a soul
Now that she's gone
What's left of us is this song Woo
Oh yeah I know I don't know
Baby I am know I'am a foul

And I will go on without her
Like a fool who's too sure
I'm like a bird who's lost her wing
A fire without its flame
I don't know how to be strong
When my love has to move on
I am a song without a soul
Now that she's gone
What's left of us is this song

This is our song without a soul
Now that you're gone
What's left of us in this song

Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby - 爱情不能做比较

che zi li shou yin ji kong qi zhong hai piao zhe yu
(The radio is on in the car, Rain is drizzling outside)
在这个深夜里 你应该在他那里
zai zhe ge shen ye li, ni ying gai zai ta na li
(In the midst of night, you should be at his place)
有多久没再遇见你 房里没了你的气息
you duo jiu mei zai yu jian ni, fang li mei le ni de qi xi
(How long have I never seen you? Your scent has gone from my room)
er wo zhong yu reng diao le ni gei wo de suo you dong xi
(And I finally threw away all the gifts from you)

wo ke yi tian man le sheng huo li mei cun kong xi
(I can fill up every little part of my life)
我知道不容易 但我仍试着继续
wo zhi dao bu rong yi, dan wo reng shi zhe ji xu
(I know it's hard, but I'll try harder)
听说你比从前开心 我还能有怎样的情绪
ting shuo ni bi cong qian kai xin, wo hai neng you zen yang de qing xu
(You're happier than before, what kind of feelings can I have?)
除了祝福 我不想再多说一句
chu le zhu fu, wo bu xiang zai duo shuo yi ju
(I can't say anything more than a greeting)

他很好 他多好 这些我并不想要知道
ta hen hao, ta duo hao, zhe xie wo bing bu xiang yao zhi dao
(He's good, he's so good, all these I don't want to know)
再难忘掉 多狂烈的拥抱 这回忆他怎么给不到
zai nan wang diao, duo kuang lie de yong bao, zhe hui yi ta zen mo gei bu dao
(The passionate hugs are unforgettable, but he can't give these memories)
他多好 和我不同的好 最后是谁不重要
ta hen hao, he wo bu tong de hao, zui hou shi shui bu zhong yao
(He's good, a different kind of good to mine, it doesn't matter who wins at last)
因为我知道 爱情不能做比较
yin wei wo zhi dao ai qing bu neng zuo bi jiao
(Because I know, that love cannot be compared)

就算是今天换一个人依靠 明天谁又比谁好
jiu suan shi jin tian huan yi ge ren yi kao, ming tian shui you bi shui hao
(Even if you're with another guy today, who's better than who?)
爱看不到 听不到 怎么做比较
ai kan bu dao, ting bu dao, zen mo zuo bi jiao
(Love cannot be seen, cannot be heard, how can it be compared?)

别再说 他很好 他多好
bie zai shuo, ta hen hao, ta duo hao
(Do not again say he's good, he's so good)
zhe xie wo bing bu xu yao zhi dao
(All these I don't need to know)
再难忘掉 多狂烈的拥抱 这回忆他怎么给的到
zai nan wang diao, duo kuang lie de yong bao, zhe hui yi ta zen mo gei de dao
(The passionate hugs are unforgettable, but he can't give these memories)
他多好 和我不同的好 最后是谁不重要
ta duo hao, he wo bu tong de hao, zui hou shi shui bu zhong yao
(He's good, a different kind of good to mine, it doesn't matter who wins at last)
因为我知道 爱情不能做比较
yin wei wo zhi dao, ai qing bu neng zuo bi jiao
(Because I know, that love cannot be compared)

希望你知道 爱情不能做比较
xi wang ni zhi dao, ai qing bu neng zuo bi jiao
(I hope that you know, that love cannot be compared)

原來我 Love You So Much

直到现在我才发现 爱你有多深
一切早就已无所谓 所有痛过的痕迹
我想念你想念过去 没有人能把你代替
再重来甜和苦 我愿共度baby say the I love you

原来我还I love you so much 没有了你就没有我
YEA love you so much 比爱自己还要多
YEA love you so much 想要给你幸福
重爱一次with you 懂不懂懂不懂我的心

只想和你在一起 生命才有意义 也许是风也许是雨
我不逃避爱的命运 你就是我的过去 不管未来到哪里
一直是你永远是你 我们要让爱再继续
我的心不会再改变 你给我快乐再也没有谁

YEA love you so much 走过时空的交错
YEA love you so much 不再让你孤独
重爱一次with you 懂不懂懂不懂我的心

Friday, April 16, 2010

Half year at Sg Tekam Utara

19th April 2010, it has been half year since I started working in KK Sungai Tekam Utara, Jerantut. Words to describe this half year; leadership, family, money, badminton, holiday, lonely, stress..

Leadership.. since i am the boss for pharmacy here, i got to do lots of decision. Managing the biggest district in Pahang is not easy. Logistic, transport, manpower, we really facing problem with all this. I keep on remind myself to be a leader who can inspire and motivate my staff..

Family.. being far away from home (actually not far, 2 hours drive from Kuantan, but methadone really tie me down here). I miss home a lot too..

Money.. when I started working here, i was so lost. The feeling of being dumped into such an area really bad.. But i found another objective, and I am glad to say that I am going well to achieve my objective :)

Badminton.. I play badminton every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I rarely play futsal nowadays. Badminton is a good sport to train teamwork and keep your brain working (to find strategy to win your opponent).

Holiday.. For this past half year, I've been to Fraser's Hill, Langkawi Island, Bali, Redang. 4 places in half year..not bad huh :) Then my job as YM pharmacy of Jerantut require me to travel for meetings. I have been to Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuala Terengganu and Johor Bahru too..

Lonely.. although I have 3 chinese pharmacist friend in Jerantut, but I still feel something missing in my life.. lonely.. oo.. i am so lonely..

----- Trip to Kota Gelanggi 2&4-----

Today is Friday, so lunch time is quite long from 1215-245PM. So i made a trip to Kota Gelanggi 2&4 (about 10 minutes drive from Sg Tekam Utara). What is so special about this place? There is a few indian families and one chinese family here. I know the family of Siva and Cheng here. They will come to KK Sg Tekam Utara to get medicine once in a while.

Siva is a nice person. This is the second time I met him. How about the Cheng's family. His son name is Albert Cheng and mother name is Ng Yok Moi. They are known as peneroka and penerokawati. I visited their house, but they are not at home. It is a very run-down 1-storey wooden house with huge compound. I would say their house is so 'basic'. Very dark inside and no luxuries.

Few Q comes into my mind? How do they live in such place? Why don't they move to Mentakab or Jerantut? They do speak chinese to me..

Then I met cleaner of my clinic, whose contract has been stopped by my PKD. Now she own a small kedai makan. Earning just RM30-5o per day, with 3 children to raise up as single mother. It is not easy u know! Max she can earn is RM750 per month. She told me she would like to open a stall, but that require capital of about RM2000. RM2000 is such a big amount to them. Any share market player can earn that amount easily within minutes.. You see.. how big the gap between the rich, middle, and poor people.

For those who keep on mentioning their salary is not enough. Please make a trip here and you will see how they survive with such a low salary. But I can see they live happily in the area. People are close to each other. That is something money cannot buy .. happiness.. agree? or partially agree?

-----My car number .. lottery-----

Lottery.. hmm.. I don't buy lottery, but my family member do buy lottery. Few weeks ago during my cousin wedding dinner at Cyberview Lodge Resort KL, I drove my car there fetching few aunties. They bought my car plate's number (i heard big amount too). But my number didnt come out. And I was told by my aunt and my methadone patient that my car's number hit first place for Magnum on 15th April 2010. None of them bought my car number. LOL..

My point here is.. don't buy lottery, get the money and invest in BJTOTO, TANJONG, GENTING. That is much better with the high dividen yield and capital appreciation.

-----Tn Shaik came yesterday-----

Yesterday (15th April 2010), Tn Shaik came to visit one of my clinic. Everything goes well. I made a short presentation to him, showing our achievement and future plan with issues that we are facing. I am glad he is happy with this trip. I told him I want to ask for transfer.. but not now of course.. After I have build a 'sustainable' pharmacy here. Sustainable meaning the whole system can be taken over by someone else easily in the future. Lots of improvement can be done here. In Klinik Kesihatan, we are much closer to the patient. We get to see them often, can make home visit, and provide very detail counseling to them.

HaHa.. I got so much to write today.. That's all, got to go meet my boss to propose something new to him :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Redang Trip 2010 Part 1

Date: 9-11 April 2010
Venue: Laguna Redang Beach ResortPreviously I have been to this island before during my triple island trip. Since we are working now, so we decided to stay in this 5-star hotel.Upon arrival, we were briefed on do's and dont's in the island. We were also served complimentary drink at the check-in hall. Food here is nice, worth RM540 that we paid for this trip's ground arrangement+food. I believe I gain weight after this trip.

Next picture was taken from the hotel's beach bar. Nice rite drinking cocktail or fruit juice while enjoying the view there.Day 1, we went snorkeling at Marine Park. No pictures were taken there as we decided to rent the underwater camera on Day 2 (RM100 + RM200 deposit refundable). I would like to give me personal comment here. Marine Park's water is not as clear as 2 years ago. Coral (珊瑚) are mostly dead corals. I would say underwater view of Perhentian Island and Lang Tengah Island are much nicer.Then, we took picture around the resort and had a game of beach volleyball + monkey's game.We also took a few jumping shot. Suok Teng is so excited. And I gave a flying kick to Miss Kwan. Lol..Next picture is the free ride provided by the hotel to bring us to the jetty, which is just 100m away from hotel. Introducing Mr William Tong as our driver. Can you spot me? lol..After dinner, we went to Recreation Centre to play pool. RM4 per game, i feel quite expensive. But the girls are able to play for 40 minutes. Really worth it. LOL..On Day 2, we had to gather at the jetty at 930AM for briefing, because this time we will be going to deep-sea snorkeling. The picture below was taken at the hotel's jetty before departure to deep sea.
We were brought to an area nearby human-shape island. See the picture below. The island behind Ammar is the human shape island. Head on the left side, just like a human floating on the water.Again, I am a bit disappointed with the view underwater. Nothing to shout about. This time we rented underwater camera and I will blog underwater picture in the next post. So stay tune yea..Lastly, I would like to thank Taufik and Ammar, both our professional DSLR photographer for helping us to take all the beautiful pictures. Let me end this post with my favourite picture of the trip :)Stay tune for Redang Trip 2010 Part 2.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost Breakdown

Words to describe myself today..

Loss of focus..
Feel down..

I got lots of personal thought to blog today. It will be more of complaint. I know I should not complain much, but just let me voice it out here.

Busy.. Everyday is busy day for me. My work now as YM Jerantut is terrible. The job is never ending you know. Apart from my core job of dispensing, counseling and methadone, I have to do purchasing. Well, the word 'purchasing' may seem simple. But the whole process of purchasing is not simple. From screening my pembantu's order, sending to Pejabat to get the LO number, then have to push Pharmaniaga to send the medicine, the getting all the Delivery Order number back to me from all the clinics in Jerantut (not easy, as Jerantut is the biggest district and transportation is not easily available). Then got to send back to Pejabat to wait for Invoice, then only payment can be done. 15 days period given to me to settle the payment once all items has been sent by Pharmaniaga.

I have to attend meeting at least once every 2 weeks. Meeting after meeting will add on more task into my organizer. Damn meeting! I used to like meeting, because can escape from Sg Tekam, but now I start to get tired of attending meeting.

Taking over someone's job is not easy. I prefer to start it all fresh. All of thing need to be changed to make a better system. The key word here is sustainable work flow. I want to create a system that the future YM who take over my job can just do is with ease. Proper filing system, proper recording system, proper arrangement of medicines..etc..

Stress.. no need to explain much.. but I got way to destress myself..

Humiliation.. Well today I face humiliation. I do not wish to mention name here. But I am still thinking of a way to handle such situation. The person who humiliate me can just talk nice in front of me half an hour after that. Shit!! I choose to just keep quiet and smile to the person, when the person humuliate me in front of a big group. The mistake is not done by me ok? I just take over this post of YM February 2010 and those thing that happen in 2009 2008 2007 .. is beyond my control.

Tiredness.. Yesterday I had not enough sleep, and I went for badminton. Plus today Pharmaniaga send their stock to my pharmacy. All need to be arranged into the store.

Loss of focus.. Well, I admit I do lose focus sometimes. I have to keep on remind myself to stay focus. Successful person is someone who can focus.. to achieve target..

Feel down.. today I just feel down.. Even falling down, we got to stand up again. So, I tell myself to feel 'up'!!

By the way, today is not all bad. My room's aircond has finally been fixed. Can sleep with aircond and can switch on aircond to 'cool' me down. HAIO shoots up 8% today. :)

Working in PKD Jerantut is a good training ground for me to learn principle of life. Learn to handle various kind of people. Although I am the boss of pharmacy here, but I admit I am not a good leader. I would use these few words to describe myself as boss; soft, not fierce, not strict. One close friend once told me a leader is someone who can inspire and motivate their staff. This is a skill that I wish to master before I leave Jerantut.

Just stay focus.. focus.. focus..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bali Trip Day 2

Let's continue with Bali Trip Day 2.

Day 2, we had to check out from hotel early in the morning to move to the northern part of Bali. Along the journey we drop by various places. The first place that we went was a silver-making shop that sell various jeweleries.Then, we head to a place named Padi Prada. This place is famous for its cripsy duck. The portion of the food is huge! I wonder why Balinese like to serve big portion of food. Crispy duck is really crispy, but I feel it is too oily.Then, we were sent to Ubud and free and easy along the busy market, selling shirts, paintings, creative wooden handicraft. This is a good place to improve your bargaining skill. Once you enter those shop, it is hard for you to exit, unless you introduce new customer to them (Jason's skill.. haha).
Not far away from the market is a temple. Well, Bali is full with temples, as the island is populated by >90% Hindus. As usual, we do crazy pose at temples!Just opposite the temple is the famous Ibu Oka Ubud, that sells Babi Guling. If you were to enter their shop, you may notice the whole pig's skin being peeled off, and meats being chopped into pieces to be served. It may look terrible.But after it is being served, it looks nice. The skin is really crispy, and people go to the shop aiming to get the skin. It is being served with a type of sauce (I don't know what is the name of the sauce). Babi guling is just edible, but it is something that you must try if you go to Bali.
Due to request by Choo Uei, we head to coffee farm to try the famous and expensive Luwak coffee. We were brought on tour to learn about Male and Female coffee seed. Well, male coffee seeds are much valuable in term of value. 1 cup of Luwak coffee cost us 30,000 rupiah (about RM 11 per cup). I don't really like the taste of Luwak coffee. They also have coffee cigarette there. Well, from smoker's point of view, it is not as good as the normal cigarette.Our last stop before being sent to hotel was to Kintamani, where we can see beautiful view of 2 volcanoes. Gunung .. and Gunung Abang. This is the first time I see volcano from such a close distance. Both the volcanoes are separeted by a lake. The view is really magnificent.
That's all for Day 2.. and it has been a tiring day for us. We were brought for a beach side dinner, and check-in to our hotel at Melka Excelsior Hotel.

Stay tune for Bali Trip Day 3

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bali Trip Day 1

Upon arrival, we were brought to our hotel, Kuta Lagoon Resort. Although it is just a 3-star hotel, but the place is nice, with beautifully designed swimming pool linked directly to room's balcony. Below is the picture of the hotel's room.Then, we had complementary drink from the hotel in place where we can sing song, and we dedicate happy birthday song to Vanessa. Nice place with lots of songs, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and English song. The drink is nice too.Then, we head to the busy Kuta street. It is a very long street (maybe a few KM), with lots of clubbing and shopping places along the narrow one lane street. We had our dinner in one of the Balinese-theme restaurant (couldn't recall the name). Food is just average, but the environment is perfect with a swimming pool next to the restaurant. This is the first time we tried Bintang Beer. I feel it is nicer compared to Carlsberg or Tiger beer in Malaysia. Price is reasonable too, if I am not mistaken, about 1800 rupiah (about RM6.60).We also been to the famous bombing site, where lots of people being killed (mainly Australian). However, no picture were taken. Shopping in Kuta street is not cheap.

That's it for Day 1. From Day 1, we are exposed to new words by our tour guide.
Gek, Kenyang, Kupu-kupu malam, Mantap, etc..

Stay tune for Bali Trip Day 2..

Monday, February 22, 2010


By the way, I am millionaire!! Proof as shown below. HaHa..
Stay tune for my next post on my Bali trip with my secondary school friends.
Just stay focused!!