Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday

This year, I celebrated 3 times for my 25th birthday. First one was at Mentakab during Sin Yee, Siew Chin, Kogi, Winnie open's house party. It was a surprise party for me, because I sang along the birthday song. So noob..

The second celebration was with Kuantan friends (Ven Chian, Kah Joon, Choo Uei, Yew Yik, Suok Teng, Ee Wei, Peck Wei, Sin Yee, and Siew Chin) at Deli France. I was not feeling well and vomitted that night. Fall sick on birthday is really no fun at all.

The third celebration was at home, with my family. It is more like a gathering, with lots of nice steamboat food. First of all, family pictures, all showing sign of peace :)Picture with my cousins. This year, they gave me one new slipper to replace my old blue-asadi slipper. This new slipper is more funky, modern, young look.Lastly, see the picture of my car. Not enough spraying 'snow' on me, my cousin went to spray on my car. I just wash my car the day before!! Argh!!
Well, I start to feel I am getting older. Lots of resolution that I have not achieve. I hope my wish can come true..


Anonymous said...

oh! happy belated birthday! :P

hp84 said...

to [ miss hazel]
Thanks thanks :)

Jaclyn said...

hey there would u be interested to do an advertorial for me? sorry had to be informal about this but i cant seem to get your email from your profile

do contact me at

vialentino said...

wow....3 times to celebrate ur bday...wat a lucky guy....anyway, happy blated bday to u...

hp84 said...

to [Jaclyn]
Just sent email to you

to [vialentino]
Yea, thankful that i have family and friends who care for me.

Wennie said...

eh eh eh!!! my work doing those such thing!!LOL..
no slipper picture ar?

hp84 said...

to [wennie]
Yea thanks to you for 'painting' my car. No camera to take picture of my slipper lar.