Saturday, November 07, 2009

16 girls + 1 bicycle = AWESOME

I come across this fwd email and find it very amazing, so I would like to share it here. Enjoy it yourself..

I notice this world can be beautiful if you see it from any perspective. Take my personal experience for example. Everyday I have to travel 30 mins (40+ km) to work. Along the journey, so far I have seen animal dead on the road almost every other day, being knocked down by car. This teach us to treasure our life, as we still able to live till today.

For the past dunno-how-many-years, my life has been quite hectic and busy. Every day my timetable is so occupied. Now that I am working and living with 2 more chinese housemate, i have not much friend here. I have so much time and basically after work, i can take own sweet time for dinner, do cleaning, online, watch tv, then sleep. I quite like this kind of life. Just that my mouth can be smelly if no one to talk to.. LOL.. I hope big boss will put more chinese pharmacist in Jerantut district, soon will be only 2 pharmacist left here.

In an organization, there will be people working at the top level, and some at the bottom of the ladder. Klinik Kesihatan is a good place to begin from to strengthen your basic. Running a klinik kesihatan is not easy, as we have to make sure we have enough medicine for all the patients. Since the workload is not that heavy, more time can be spend to make sure patient understand the medicine, give counseling if needed. Not to forget, methadone patient who is not as bad as i expected. They too need the care, the moral support to move on with their life, to be a better person (and not sampah masyarakat). Imagine I have one methadone patient, in his early 30's. He has a big plot of land left by his parent, he dig a big pond (size of football field) and start fishing business. Amazing right??
NB: Photo taken by Choo Uei.. location at Heritage Kuantan.. one of my favourite place to hang out..

The discovery of this world is never ending. More can be learnt and I will share in my blog..


EriN said...

life is fragile.recently saw so many people sufferring from various type of sickness remind me that we should appreciate what we are having now.
i remember one of my teacher told me once before when i was back in secondary days,she said pls dun keep running and look forward,sometimes we gotta treasure life.i dun realy believe that until now,when i am getting more n more matured and experience more.
just enjoy your work and i think its quite enjoyable to work in such a nice and peaceful village.oh yeah,great to see that you are getting back track in life as well as in blog=P

hp84 said...

to [EriN]
People do grow as they get older. The journey ahead is still long and more is yet to be discovered.

Most of us always that small thing for granted.

Anonymous said...

dealing with methadone patients can be taxing but it is not as bad as it sounds. i remember once, a doctor told me, that they are the trash of the society. i hate that doctor ever since. LOL


hp84 said...

to [yieng]
Initially I also have the same perception, why do we (pharmacist) need to do such thing.
We don't just dispense methadone, there is much we can do. We have to screen the methadone client, talk with them. Our care is beyond pharmacist-client role, we should try to help them in their life, as most of them always being looked down by the society.
In this world, there is always hope, and we can be 'someone' who bring hope to the methadone client.

pkdjerantut said...

Are you working at the KK Sg Tekam Utara (Felda)..check it out..

hp84 said...

to [pkdjerantut]
Yes, i am currently working in KK Sg Tekam Utara