Saturday, October 24, 2009

Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Tekam Utara

I went to lapor diri at Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah (PKD) Jerantut. It is official, I am now pharmacist at Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Tekam Utara. A very small town, but luckily they have one BHP petrol station nearby (no need to worry no petrol). There is only 1 small malay stall, and for the past few days I oni eat nasi goreng ayam. Now I live at Jerantut, and got to travel 30mins every day to work. The road is very quiet, winding and dangerous.

By the way, you can check out the location of Sg Tekam from Google Map.

On my first day there, I was so lost. The place seem so free, with nothing much to do except to take care of methadone. I was so down, I thought for the rest of the year I will be useless person. On the same night, I met Mr Fan (a pharmacist from KK Bandar Jengka). He is such a positive thinking person. Since we're the boss in the klinik kesihatan, we can choose to be lazy. But no! I am not going to be lazy!

For all my friends who are posted to klinik kesihatan, this is a good place for you to start to learn to manage. We are given a pharmacy (no start up fee required wor), and we have to learn to handle stock, staff, all the report, and most important is we're the primary healthcare provider. Why are we so important? If we don't do our part in screening and detecting problematic medicine usage, the patient will end up with perhaps, renal or liver failure. That will increase the workload of referral hospital and also in the end, patient will suffer.

Although some of my friend who were unable to be a clinical pharmacist, handling a KK initially is quite good. Take this 1 year time to learn as much as possible of all the basic medicine, master it, and later on only move on the more bombastic-name medicine.

I have not officially start my work there, only being briefed by previous pharmacist, Encik Nasya. There are lots of thing for me to do there, to serve the community of Sungai Tekam and surrounding Klinik Desa. As what Miss Wee said, this is the best time for you to experience rural life and have the privilige to serve the rural people.

On day 3 work, I gave talk on 'Pengurusan Diabetes Peringkat Daerah Jerantut'. Seeing all nurses, jururawat masyarakat, medical assistant, and doctor listening to my talk, make me feel proud, able to share my knowledge to other people. Suddenly, I feel like I have grown up. No longer PRP always spoon-feed by senior. Now I hold a big responsibility.

Monday-Wednesday, i will be attending ADR course at Hotel Grand Continental, Terengganu. Will post picture of my pharmacy when I am free.


EriN said...

its great to see that u are so positive doesnt matter where u r posted to as long as u learn and enjoy your fact you can experience something special especially the kampung life there.kampung people seems to be more friendly i think.haha!!
anyway,be careful while driving on the road and enjoy your work there=)

hp84 said...

to [EriN]
It is true that kampung people are more friendly. They treat and respect us. This is part of life experience to make life much more beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Good job hp

Taufik said...

Good for you HP

hp84 said...

to [Taufik]
Thanks thanks

Sulaihah Omar said...

Salam....its good to found ur blog now becoz i have been given a big responsibilty as a phmarmacist in kk sg tekam is my first day...not started yet...just lapor dri..can i get a guidance from u my senior??i need help

hp84 said...

hi [Suhailah Omar]
It has been 2 years since I left KK Sungai Tekam Utara (STU).
I believe MA Sheikh, MA Zarizan, MA Fuad, Sister Fauziah will help you out over there.
Pembantu Farmasi Aishah also very helpful and nice.

You can just get my phone number from them, and I will try my best to guide you.

Wish you have a nice and enjoyable stint in KK STU :)