Friday, October 16, 2009

KK Simpang Pelangai

It is official, I will be sent to Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Pelangai. It is about 40km (~1hour) from Karak. That will be about 3.5 hour from Kuantan. This is the worst Klinik Kesihatan in Pahang. I am a guy, so I already expect I will be thrown there..

I came across Chang's blog while searching for more info on Simpang Pelangai. Chang is a pharmacist who manage to survive in KK Simpang Pelangai for more than 2 years. I read through his whole blog, beginning from the day he was posted to Simpang Pelangai. Every weekend he will travel back to his hometown in PJ. He describe Simpang Pelangai as a place far from civilization and cant make much friend.

I read his daily routine life, it seems boring. At least, he can look forward to chat with his girlfriend, Jen. He got something to look forward each night, and each weekend. How about me??

I went to talk with Miss Wee (our big boss in Pahang). During our conversation, she makes me feel that working in ulu KK is not that bad. She is a positive-thinker.. But once reach home, the negative-side of me is back. I have lots of caring friends who offer me comfort words. Thanks.. Also my family who offer me the best to alleviate my sadness..

I hope I can get to transfer back to bigger town after 1 year. Maybe this 1 year will make me a stronger person. Let's see how it goes.. I'll lapor diri on Monday and start my work there. I promise Miss Wee to do the best there.. A true man is a man who fulfil his promise. A true man is a man who is willing to face challenges..


WP said...

All the best...look for the silver lining!

EriN said...

dont be so sad la,think positively,maybe its a better way out for you.u can have a peace mind there and think clearly what u want to have in live.relationship is just part of our life,there are much more stuff that we can aim for,so cheer up and all the very best to you ya=)

hp84 said...

to [WP]

to [EriN]
I am trying to be a positive-thinker person. BTW, I may get to swap to a better place..
See how it goes tmr..

EriN said...

oh,that seems great.ok then u seriously need to be good luck tomorow=)anyway,i wish u got a better and not so ulu place tomorow la,at least somewhere nearer to ur house**finger crossed**

hp84 said...

to [EriN]
I swap with a friend of mine.. to another place - Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Tekam Utara.. also quite ulu, but i am adapting.. will blog more about that place later on..

ZaLIkAH's LIfE.. said...

kk simpang pelangai is the best kk in bentong u know....n they can work as a team n family........don't worry k..

hp84 said...

to [zalikah]

yea, i been there before. People there are very nice