Thursday, October 08, 2009

B104 Posting Conference

This year is really a bad year.. most of my IMU b104 friend kena 'throw' to various places in Malaysia.. places that they didnt even apply for.

Today is just another fine dull night, but suddenly a small chat room in MSN, turn up to be a big B104 gathering. LOL.. Everyone curiously asking each other on their posting place.This year is really a bad year.. or perhaps a good year for us to go new places and try out new life?
Anyway, all the best to all my PRP-soon-to-be FRP friends.


ee wei said...

ya lo....
very unexpected thing happens...good sign or bad sign? doubt about that...
cant really see future dy...
may be end up lelonging in pasar malam...haha

WP said...

So where did you get posted?

emotionalistic said...

I guess this is life. I'm sure you guys will try your best to keep in touch :).

hp84 said...

to [ee wei]
wah ee wei jie come my blog to comment.
we cant really see the future, but we can try to shape the future.. and to stay happy always..
no point being sad or worry..

to [WP]
Still dunno, have to wait till this coming Friday (16th OCt 2009)

to [emotionalistic]
Yea, even after 1 year, my batch match during uni time still keep in touch with each other. That's how we ended up with the big gathering in the MSN group. spontaneous..