Saturday, October 24, 2009

Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Tekam Utara

I went to lapor diri at Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah (PKD) Jerantut. It is official, I am now pharmacist at Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Tekam Utara. A very small town, but luckily they have one BHP petrol station nearby (no need to worry no petrol). There is only 1 small malay stall, and for the past few days I oni eat nasi goreng ayam. Now I live at Jerantut, and got to travel 30mins every day to work. The road is very quiet, winding and dangerous.

By the way, you can check out the location of Sg Tekam from Google Map.

On my first day there, I was so lost. The place seem so free, with nothing much to do except to take care of methadone. I was so down, I thought for the rest of the year I will be useless person. On the same night, I met Mr Fan (a pharmacist from KK Bandar Jengka). He is such a positive thinking person. Since we're the boss in the klinik kesihatan, we can choose to be lazy. But no! I am not going to be lazy!

For all my friends who are posted to klinik kesihatan, this is a good place for you to start to learn to manage. We are given a pharmacy (no start up fee required wor), and we have to learn to handle stock, staff, all the report, and most important is we're the primary healthcare provider. Why are we so important? If we don't do our part in screening and detecting problematic medicine usage, the patient will end up with perhaps, renal or liver failure. That will increase the workload of referral hospital and also in the end, patient will suffer.

Although some of my friend who were unable to be a clinical pharmacist, handling a KK initially is quite good. Take this 1 year time to learn as much as possible of all the basic medicine, master it, and later on only move on the more bombastic-name medicine.

I have not officially start my work there, only being briefed by previous pharmacist, Encik Nasya. There are lots of thing for me to do there, to serve the community of Sungai Tekam and surrounding Klinik Desa. As what Miss Wee said, this is the best time for you to experience rural life and have the privilige to serve the rural people.

On day 3 work, I gave talk on 'Pengurusan Diabetes Peringkat Daerah Jerantut'. Seeing all nurses, jururawat masyarakat, medical assistant, and doctor listening to my talk, make me feel proud, able to share my knowledge to other people. Suddenly, I feel like I have grown up. No longer PRP always spoon-feed by senior. Now I hold a big responsibility.

Monday-Wednesday, i will be attending ADR course at Hotel Grand Continental, Terengganu. Will post picture of my pharmacy when I am free.

Friday, October 16, 2009

KK Simpang Pelangai

It is official, I will be sent to Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Pelangai. It is about 40km (~1hour) from Karak. That will be about 3.5 hour from Kuantan. This is the worst Klinik Kesihatan in Pahang. I am a guy, so I already expect I will be thrown there..

I came across Chang's blog while searching for more info on Simpang Pelangai. Chang is a pharmacist who manage to survive in KK Simpang Pelangai for more than 2 years. I read through his whole blog, beginning from the day he was posted to Simpang Pelangai. Every weekend he will travel back to his hometown in PJ. He describe Simpang Pelangai as a place far from civilization and cant make much friend.

I read his daily routine life, it seems boring. At least, he can look forward to chat with his girlfriend, Jen. He got something to look forward each night, and each weekend. How about me??

I went to talk with Miss Wee (our big boss in Pahang). During our conversation, she makes me feel that working in ulu KK is not that bad. She is a positive-thinker.. But once reach home, the negative-side of me is back. I have lots of caring friends who offer me comfort words. Thanks.. Also my family who offer me the best to alleviate my sadness..

I hope I can get to transfer back to bigger town after 1 year. Maybe this 1 year will make me a stronger person. Let's see how it goes.. I'll lapor diri on Monday and start my work there. I promise Miss Wee to do the best there.. A true man is a man who fulfil his promise. A true man is a man who is willing to face challenges..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

楊宗緯 - 洋蔥

A nice song sang by Aska Yang with the title Onion. Very meaningful song.

Recently I feel there are lots of song that can easily suit emotion. I never regret learning guitar, maybe I can play more song if I were sent to Klinik Kesihatan.

Enjoy the song :)

如果你眼神能够为我 片刻的降临
ru guo ni yan shen neng gou wei wo pian ke de jiang lin
If only, your vision would look upon me

如果你能听到 心碎的声音
ru guo ni neng ting dao xin sui de sheng yin
If only, you could hear the sounds of a heart break

沉默的守护着你 沉默的等奇迹
chen mo de shou hu zhe ni chen mo de deng qi ji
Silently watching over you, silently waiting for a miracle

沉默的让自己 像是空气
chen mo de rang zi ji xiang shi kong qi
Silently letting myself, be like air

大家都吃着聊着笑着 今晚多开心
da jia dou chi zhe liao zhe xiao zhe jin wan duo kai xin
Everyone’s eating, talking, laughing, tonite is such a joy

最角落里的我 笑得多合群
zui jiao luo li de wo xiao de duo he qun
The cornermost me, is laughing together with the rest

盘底的洋葱像我 永远是调味品
pan di de yang cong xiang wo yong yuan shi tiao wei pin
The onions at the bottom of the plate are just like me, forever the flavouring

偷偷的看着你 偷偷的隐藏着自己
tou tou de kan zhe ni tou tou de yin cang zhe zi ji
Secretly watching you, secretly hiding myself

如果你愿意一层一层一层 的剥开我的心
ru guo ni yuan yi yi ceng yi ceng yi ceng de bo kai wo de xin
If you are willing to peel open my heart, layer by layer by layer

你会发现 你会讶异
ni hui fa xian ni hui ya yi
You will discover, you will be shocked

你是我 最压抑 最深处的秘密
ni shi wo zui ya yi zui shen chu de mi mi
You are my most suppressed, deepest secret

如果你愿意一层一层一层 的剥开我的心
ru guo ni yuan yi yi ceng yi ceng yi ceng de bo kai wo de xin
If you are willing to peel open my heart, layer by layer by layer

你会鼻酸 你会流泪
ni hui bi suan ni hui liu lei
Your nose will run, you will tear

只要你能 听到我 看到我的全心全意
zhi yao ni neng ting dao wo kan dao wo de quan xin quan yi
If only you can hear me, see my wholeheartedness

听你说你和你的他们 暧昧的空气
ting ni shuo ni he ni de ta men ai mei de kong qi
Hearing you talk about you and your many other ‘him’ and the blossoming loves

我和我的绝望 装得很风趣
wo he wo de jue wang zhuang de hen feng qu
Me and my hopelessness act very amused

我就像一颗洋葱 永远是配角戏
wo jiu xiang yi ke yang cong yong yuan shi pei jiao xi
I’m just like an onion, forever just the supporting actor

多希望能与你 有一秒 专属的剧情
duo xi wang neng yu ni you yi miao zhuan shu de ju qing
How i wish to have with you, a second of our own story

Thursday, October 08, 2009

B104 Posting Conference

This year is really a bad year.. most of my IMU b104 friend kena 'throw' to various places in Malaysia.. places that they didnt even apply for.

Today is just another fine dull night, but suddenly a small chat room in MSN, turn up to be a big B104 gathering. LOL.. Everyone curiously asking each other on their posting place.This year is really a bad year.. or perhaps a good year for us to go new places and try out new life?
Anyway, all the best to all my PRP-soon-to-be FRP friends.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Where will I be posted?

2 days ago (2nd October 2009) is officially the last day me being PRP (provisionally registered pharmacist). Every PRP in HTAA and even in HOSHAS are waiting anxiously for their next posting.

Let's just wait and pray hard to get the place that we want to work. This picture was taken by Jason at Sg Lembing this morning. Seem like I am wondering where will I be posted to..

Pining for old flame

This article is adopted from TheStar's Dear Thelma section.


AFTER being together for three years, my girlfriend S and I broke up. We were happy the first two years. I was a fresh graduate and had just started working and she was still studying. I moved in with her and her mum six months after we met.

Her mum was open-minded about our situation and even cared for me as if I were her own son. Even though her relatives occasionally gossiped, saying I was taking advantage of my girlfriend’s hospitality, her mum always defended me.

Earlier this year, S and I moved to the city when she had to continue her studies. I would have preferred to stay in my small town, but I did it for S.

Things went smoothly at first, but after several months, S began to have mood swings that made her impulsive and she wanted to end our relationship over a small argument. After talking it through, we decided to stay together and take things slow.

However, her mum wasn’t pleased. She felt that I was affecting her daughter’s studies and decided to separate us. I eventually moved out with a heavy heart, but S and I maintained our relationship secretly.

But her mum found out and told S to make a clean break. I told S I loved her and would wait until she completed her studies. She wasn’t so positive and insisted that her mum would never want us to be together.

I am now back in our hometown, jobless, depressed and alone. Only one thing will get me back on my feet and that is when S contacts me and tells me that she misses and loves me. I hope she will make her own decision to be with me again.


Respone from Thelma:

DO not depend on anyone to get you back on your feet. If you do not have the strength and resilience to get a job and shake yourself out of depression and self-pity, no mother would want her daughter to be with you.

Yes, you are heartbroken and in pain. The turn of events was unexpected and you could not have known that your girl’s mother would be so determined to break up the relationship. However, she obviously wanted the best for her little girl and as you seem to be more of a deterrent than a help, she had no qualms about giving you the boot.

Perhaps moving to the city was not for you. You had done so for your girl but the relationship suffered. Or perhaps a new lifestyle and environment had changed the both of you. Your girlfriend had agreed to call it quits, but you are not prepared to let your love go. You want to hang on to the past, thinking only of the wonderful memories and hoping that she will change her mind again.

Do not torture yourself. Instead of wallowing in pain and misery, get a job. When you are emotionally and financially stable, the opportunity to get in touch with your girl may come. Allow her time and space to complete her studies and start her career. Be supportive and encouraging. Be friends if you cannot be lovers.

Prove that you can hold your own despite the odds. No one wants a weak, wimpy guy for a husband or son-in-law. If this love does not work out, there are women out there waiting for a man who has the will and gumption to make it good in life.


I feel this article is very useful to me.. Lots of important point that I must keep on remind myself from time to time.