Friday, August 14, 2009

Mount Kinabalu Part 2

This is the hardest part of the climb to the peak. Picture below is taken together with our tour guide. I will begin this post from the top of the peak to the bottom, as we didnt take any picture while climbing (due to darkness and tiredness).This is the prove that me and Edward manage to reach the peak as early as 5+AM, we are among the top 10 to reach the peak. Feel so proud. :PWe lepak at the peak for 1 hour. It is freaking cold at the top. We also spotted mouse at the peak of Mount Kinabalu, I wonder how the mouse able to survive in such an extreme cold weather, feeding on human's rubbish.

After observing sunrise, we begin our journey back to hotel before strong wind and mist. The next picture show you the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu; that is Low's Peak.
Next picture is me posing, with St John's peak as my background. You can notice people start to descend the rocky mountain.Next picture is Edward posing with the famous Donkey Ears Peak. Also, see the proud face of Edward after conquering the 7.5KM mark. Easy job for him. HaHa..
The climb to the peak is not easy. At certain point, we have to use both hand and leg (mostly hand) energy to move us up. We have to pull rope, and no turning back at that point. If you ever try to look to the back, you will be frightened with the height and steepness. Anyway, the next picture is just to show the not-so-steep area that we manage to take picture. My tour guide don't even hold to the rope. By the way, I also don't hold to the rope, as it is much easier to move up without holding to the rope. Balancing is very important, and we need to move up slow and steady.
This is the last hut before we reach the top of the mountain, which is also the highest hut along the journey. We have to show our temporary identification card to prove that we able to reach that point, in order to get the certificate.This is a memorable trip for us. Although not all of us able to make it to the top, but the experience that we have is really amazing. Once in a lifetime experience. I even make 2 wishes at the top of the mountain, but I don't think my wish will be granted. Life still goes on.. I'll be still the same HP, who like to travel around..


vialentino said...

nice to see ur mt kinabalu pics....wish i can conquer there one day too

Xjion89 said...

wow, i think it is time to start my training..haha^^

hp84 said...

to [vialentino]
Reaching the top is really a feat to me!! You should really climb there some day.. highly recommended!!

to [Xjion89]
Yea, you must train for at least 1 month.. When are you climbing?

vialentino said...

yeah, is like a lifetime time maybe climb with my boy...hehehe

hp84 said...

Yea I believe you can climb up with your boy.. since you so fit.. marathon runner wor