Friday, July 17, 2009

Mount Kinabalu Part 1

I went to Kota Kinabalu on 20th-23rd June 2009. First time going to East Malaysia..

I'll start of my post with the journey from Kinabalu Conservation Centre to Laban Rata.. We chose Mesilau route, which is 2.2km longer compared to Timpohon trail. Mesilau trail offer more nice view compared to Timpohon trail.Just a little information. My tour guide told me that Mount Kinabalu is also known as 'Nabalu'. It is the highest peak SouthEast Asia, with the highest peak being the Low's Peak at 4095m.
We took a group picture outside the registration office. See the energetic faces of all of us before climbing. By the way, I was down with measles 3 days before the climb..Let me introduce our tour guide @ portal. His name is Joseph. And along the way, we call him with various name such as Josep, Hassan. HaHa.. He is very shy, but I think he is bored because no girls in our group.
Km 0.5.. still energetic.. we have to carry our own lunch pack with is quite troublesome.. The walking stick is very useful..At Km 1.0, our captain Mr Quek is still optimistic with his confident look..Km 1.5, we are still have tonnes of energy to do crazy acts.. Pui Wei trying to poke Soo's ass.. One of the reason is we have been going downhill for the past 1km, and Choo Uei even asked 'Hey, how come we're going downhill? I thought we're suppose to climb Mt Kinabalu..' Km 2.5 and we can see Pui Wei is exhausted.. still long way to go..
As I mention Mesilau route offer lots of nice view, and we came across mini waterfall and this nice bridge..At KM 3.5, that's me a Captain Quek.. I start to feel exhausted by KM3.5..We also met Hargreaves along the way and manage to snap a picture with him. Too bad Michael Owen is not climbing.. HaHa..At KM5.0, still long long way to go..After the junction between both Mesilau and Timpohon route, it is getting steeper.. By 5pm++, after about 6 hours climb, me and Edward manage to reach Laban Rata. That's Sutera Sanctuary Lodges at the back and we rented the most expensive room, cost us RM2000+ for 6 person. This place is freaking cold, but offer nice bird's eye view of Sabah.. There is also a Helipad right below the hotel, and the next time, maybe can consider to take helicopter there? Price.. i not sure.. hehe..Beautiful sunset taken from the balcony of the restaurant..That's all for Part 1 of Mount Kinabalu post. Stay tune for Part 2, as there is more action, and it is much more challenging to climb to the peak..


mr quek said...

kaka..every now and then..i will still laugh when Choo said " why it is going downhill when we are supposed to climb Mt Kinabalu" ..kaka...tak sampai 5 mins he cakap.... we have to climb the steep hill until the end....mulut celupar Choo Uei...

poopoo said...

At least it's better than us going up using Tipohon le. It's allllllllllllllll uphill climb right from the start leh. Next time if I gonna come again, I will still use the Mesilau trail. Should be easier. Hahhahahahah.

WP said...

Wow, you guys went to climb Mount Kinabalu! Hehe, I shall wait for part 2.

hp84 said...

to [mr quek]
Yea Choo Uei mulut celupar.. ahha

to [poopoo]
When do you plan to climb again? With Johor gal? :P

to [WP]
Part 2 is ready.. check it out!!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Hi, I am interested to climb the mountain in January. The accomodation on Laban Rata is only SSL?

The RM2000 room is for 6 persons, or you all personally cramp in 6 person?


hp84 said...

to [VHanded CHeepeng]
The room is quite spacious, with 3 double bunk bed, enough for 6 person. With heater, toiletries are provided as well, with 5 buffet meals.

I heard there are cheaper rooms that you need to walk a little further from the main hotel building.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Thanks for your information!

Just I still can't get cheaper like what you mentioned.

Do you mean non-heated room from SSL too?

hp84 said...

to [VHanded Cheepeng]
No problem.
I am not sure whether it is heated or non-heated.
If i am not mistaken, the whole place is own by SSL.