Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Story of hospital 1

First of all, this post is not to badmouth any doctor. I still respect doctor because they one of the frontliner in saving people's life.Sadly to say, I encounter one downcast situation today at my workplace.

Situation (being summarized):
  • Chinese lady 40+ years old, came to my deparment asking for help
  • Doctor R transfer the patient to another small clinic (problem is the patient live nearer to hospital)
  • Patient is bed-ridden at home, with bilateral leg swelling, cry 24/7 at home due to her illness, feel hopeless to continue her life
  • I led the Chinese lady to A&E department (because I am a Pegawai, so most other staff do respect me), hoping to get the patient for further treatment at this hospital
  • Another doctor see the case and said the patient condition is not serious, there is more serious patient need to be treated. Hey, all I see is patient with cough, fever, is that serious? This patient got changes in ECG, got previous ST elevation, untreated edema, now the patient does not have any frusemide to remove fluid from her body.
  • The lady told the doctor that it is not convenient for them to come to town area (no transport). The lady don't even know how to get to the small clinic.
  • In the end, the doctor just rejected the case.. how sad!
  • Luckily still got one good staff nurse, who offer to get a map and explain to the lady.
That is the end of the story. Really feel downhearted after encountering such situation.

To people out there, life can be sad at times, but when you see more of this kind of patient, you will feel that the world is not that bad after all. You will feel very nice after doing your best to help people who needs help.


EriN said...

haiz...sometimes we think that our life is pathetic but when we see or hear such cases,i feel that we mz be grateful for what we are having now.there are still lots n lots of unfortunate people around us....

just try the best to help them and wish that they will recover asap and have a better life then...the doctors should be more considerate,especially to such old folks.....

hp84 said...

I agree with you that we must be grateful with what we have. But most of the time, we tend to forget this point.