Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Quotidian.. what is quotidian?

That is for you guys to find out. I have not blog for 3 months, that is really long. No time to blog. No interesting event/story to share.

7th month as provisional registered pharmacist (PRP), I have gone through most of the critical department. Currently, I am in TPN, and my day-to-day responsibility is to prepare parenteral nutrition. The number of cases never drop, today alone I have to handle 6 babies. Luckily got a 'PRP' from Terengganu help me to do TPN. Preparing Hibitane is tough, it requires lots of muscle power.

After work life, I try to occupy myself with futsal, badminton, and soon I will start jogging (be in training for my Mount Kinabalu trip). Lots of thing for me to learn, promises for me to fulfil.

Maybe Keat is right, that I should allocate some time for me to find myself. I am becoming a quotidian with my current life.


yieng said...

hey senior~~

life's great except that I'm having study break now. T_T

travelling is great too..

how about you? really curious about the work in kuantan. hopefully can get kuantan.. :)

hp84 said...

Oic, study break. I thought you guys already finish your EOS at Glasgow.

By the way, working in Kuantan Hospital is quite nice. PRP here mostly are nice person.

Do you plan to apply Kuantan GH?

Xjion89 said...

yalor, sometimes, we are too busy wif our lives to blog, tat's all.

All the best with ur work(^^)