Sunday, April 26, 2009

Emergency Unit (E.U)

Currently, I am watching HK drama 學警狙擊 (Hok Ging Chui Gik/ Xue Jing Ju Ji). The english title is 'Emergency Unit'. It has been quite some time since I last watch HK drama.
Why I like this drama?
  • I like to see action-thriller type of drama, with unpredictable ending.
  • Elanne Kong is so beautiful in this drama.
  • The subtheme song 手掌印 (palm print) is really nice. Sang by Elanne Kong. The director did a good job in matching the song with the part where Ron Ng and Elanna Kong suppose to meet at a Park.
This is part of the song lyric that best describe me..
我習慣無人好好待我 唯一傷害過 而且犧牲太多

I will give this drama 8.5/10. Lastly, do enjoy this subtheme song:

Sadly, 幸運王子&小公主can't在一起. I really hope my 小公主 will be with me forever..


EriN said...

lolz....why sounds so pathetic??you believe in fairy tales??
anyway,life still goes on with or without ur princess by ur member will surely be around u,they are the one u can trust and depend on forever.all the best to you=)

hp84 said...

I dun really believe in fairy tales, but sometimes I wish my life can be as wonderful as fairy tales.