Sunday, April 26, 2009

Emergency Unit (E.U)

Currently, I am watching HK drama 學警狙擊 (Hok Ging Chui Gik/ Xue Jing Ju Ji). The english title is 'Emergency Unit'. It has been quite some time since I last watch HK drama.
Why I like this drama?
  • I like to see action-thriller type of drama, with unpredictable ending.
  • Elanne Kong is so beautiful in this drama.
  • The subtheme song 手掌印 (palm print) is really nice. Sang by Elanne Kong. The director did a good job in matching the song with the part where Ron Ng and Elanna Kong suppose to meet at a Park.
This is part of the song lyric that best describe me..
我習慣無人好好待我 唯一傷害過 而且犧牲太多

I will give this drama 8.5/10. Lastly, do enjoy this subtheme song:

Sadly, 幸運王子&小公主can't在一起. I really hope my 小公主 will be with me forever..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Quotidian.. what is quotidian?

That is for you guys to find out. I have not blog for 3 months, that is really long. No time to blog. No interesting event/story to share.

7th month as provisional registered pharmacist (PRP), I have gone through most of the critical department. Currently, I am in TPN, and my day-to-day responsibility is to prepare parenteral nutrition. The number of cases never drop, today alone I have to handle 6 babies. Luckily got a 'PRP' from Terengganu help me to do TPN. Preparing Hibitane is tough, it requires lots of muscle power.

After work life, I try to occupy myself with futsal, badminton, and soon I will start jogging (be in training for my Mount Kinabalu trip). Lots of thing for me to learn, promises for me to fulfil.

Maybe Keat is right, that I should allocate some time for me to find myself. I am becoming a quotidian with my current life.