Thursday, January 01, 2009

Birthday 2008

A simple title and a simple post to thank those who had wish me ‘Happy Birthday’.

First of all, I would like to thank my cousins sekalian; Penny, Jennie, Wennie, Arix, and Derek.

I would like to thank my dear also for the wish and gift (a Western Digital Passport 160GB). With this harddisk, I can back up all my important data.

I would extend my thank to SKFC members including Edward, Cheng Hong, Choo Uei, Kah Joon, and Ven Chian.

Also thank to my IMU gang, Yen Wei, Poh Hon, Li Guo, Wai Kit, and Zhi Yang. I am still waiting for my gift, hehe..

Also not to forget include Pui Yee, Chin Lin, Kwang Chin, Kia Xin, Kia Yee’s mom, Han Chuen, Su Lyn, Doris, Ven Chin.

Lastly, I got a G2000 tie from my colleague, and I would like to thank Shal Ling, Pheng Pheng, William Tong, Keat, Zhi Yong, Siew Chin, Li yin, Chin Keong, Lashviny, Suok Teng, Peck Leng, and Peck Wei.

2 comments: said...

i had the exact same bday present from eug back in 2007. wtf. now the harddisk kong liao.. :'(

hp84 said...

Oic, I have been looking for a harddisk for quite some time.
Very useful to back up all my important data..

You ask Eugene to get a new hard disk for you lar.. ;P