Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nandos @ Mines Shopping Centre

I am a big fan of Nandos. Since the first time I tried Nandos in Midvalley, few years ago, I really fall in love with Nandos’ chicken. Too bad, there is no Nandos in Kuantan. Someone please open Nandos in Kuantan, I am sure the business will be very good. Nandos is famous for its special chili sauce, known as peri peri.

Each time I go there, I will either order Hot Peri Peri or Extra Hot Peri Peri, depending on my mood. HeHe.. If not enough peri sauce, you can always add on your own. I will always choose Mediterranean rice and peri chips for my sidelines. However, the Nandos in Mines shopping centre is quite disappointing each time I go there.

This time we use the promotional code from MyStyle, which entitled us buy 1 get 1 free quarter chicken with 2 sidelines. However, this promotional code is only valid at Ampang Point, The Mines, Jaya One, Bangsar Village, SACC, Pavilion KL, Alpha Angle, Chinatown, Sogo and OUG. Just send SMS ‘my111 nandos’ to 33365. You will receive the promotional code and flash it to the Nandos’ staff.

We also ordered mushroom soup and one bottomless ice lemon tea. We can get free refill for the ice lemon tea. Mushroom soup quite nice, because I like mushroom soup a lot. HaHa..

Let me give my award to Nandos’ stall that I have tried before:

  • Midvalley branch: Best Nandos’ branch
  • 1Utama branch: Most spicy peri peri: (realy killing my lips)
  • Sunway Pyramid Old Wing: Above average service, food is quite allright
  • The Mines: Each time will have something that will disappoint me (food, service)
  • OUG Plaza branch: I went once only, and no customer at all (feel like I book the whole restaurant. HaHa..)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hush Puppies Zero G

On 5th September, I went down to KL to meet up with L2G and K2K. We went to Hush Puppies Warehouse sales at Armada Hotel, PJ. They offer brand such as Hush Puppies, Obermain, and Renoma. All Hush Puppies shoes are being sold with price tag of RM100-RM120. I went to the same warehouse sales 2 years ago and bought a pair of Hush Puppies shoe for RM120.

This time, I get to buy another new pair of Hush Puppies shoe for only RM100. I bought Hush Puppies Zero G, which has lightweight shock absorbing midsole. I am really happy with this buy, although my previous shoe is still in very good condition.

Both L2G and K2K also bought new shoe from the fair. My advise is to go at those odd hour, so that there will be less people there. For the guy section, usually I have no problem to choosing shoe. However, women section is just like a warzone. They are pushing, fighting for shoe.

NB: I am currently being posted to Medical Ward, so I got to bring home lots of homework. Although it is tiring, but I really want to fully utilise my PRP year to build a personal professional characteristic of a good pharmacist.