Saturday, October 18, 2008

Penang foods

This post is all about foods in Penang. Again, I will use the ’star’ system to rate food. It is my personal opinion, so don’t sue me if you have different opinion ok. By the way, I have also noticed that Penang people also have different opinion on their homegrown foods.

Asam Laksa near Kek Lok Si. This stall is recommended by PY’s friend, so we give it a try. The stall open after 12 noon and they have limited number of table. This asam laksa is nice, but the portion is small. However, the soup tak cukup power. Also, they put it quite a lot of vegetables. Price is just RM2.50 per bowl.

Fried po piah, which is located few stall away from the asam laksa stall near Air Itam market. I seldom eat fried po piah, because the popiah that I usually eat have soft skin (not the fried type). Really really delicious!
Later in the afternoon, Irene brought us to New World Park. Check out my previous post on New World Park. At night, we went to Restoran Teluk Kumbar, which is quite far far away from our hotel (30 mins drive).

On day 2, Poh Hon became our tour guide. He is the arrogant Penang people who always said Penang food is the best. So, my mission to Penang is to prove him wrong. Indeed, not all Penang food is nice.

So, we went to Kafe Hai Beng to try the famous Loh Mee. This loh mee is much nicer than the Jalan Pudu loh mee that WK recommend. You don’t have the ‘muak’ feeling after eating this. They also put in chicken feet. My late granma sure like this a lot.

Next, we headed to Lorong Seratus Tahun to try the famous curry mee. The curry soup they provide initially is more like sweet soup. They provide the chillies for you to add on your on risk. So, I add in 2 big tablespoons of the chillies and you can see the result. Really syok syok syok! I sweat sweat sweat!
Next, we tried the Hokkien mee at Kedai Kopi classic. According to PH, we have to come here before 10AM or else they will run out of ingredient. We have to wait for quite long to get a table. This hokkien mee is much much nicer than the hokkien mee that we tried in New World Park. The soup cukup pekat! However they only provide 2 mini prawns, cut into 6 tiny pieces. So kiam siap!
Then, we head to the famous Penang street cendol. I don’t know why Penang people pronounce cendol as ‘cendoi’. This cendol lose to the Lee Brothers cendol in New World Park, in term of taste.Then, we went to Lorong Selamat to try the char koay teow. This stall, according to PH, is highly recommended by Alan, Ken, and even KennySia. It is indeed very very nice. They provide 3 huge prawn and you can feel the freshness of the prawn. However, the price tag is RM6 per plate. Expensive!Next, we went to try pandan coconut at ANBA coconut trading, which is just 1 street away from Lorong Selamat. The pandan coconut is really nice. You can really feel the pandan taste. Also, the ‘daging’ in the coconut is very soft. RM1.70 for normal coconut and RM2.40 for pandan coconut.By this time, our stomach is really full. So, we head to Khoo Kongsi clan. The place is quite boring, and you can check out my post on Khoo Kongsi Clan. Next, we head to DVD stall at Farlim, where they sell a piece of DVD for RM4. Cheap rite..

Poh Hon then brought us to try his favourite asam laksa at Farlim. This stall has been relocated from Farlim Shell station. The asam laksa here is much powerful that the asam laksa near Kek Lok Si temple. The fish is serve as a whole big piece, unlike the asam laksa in Kek Lok Si, where minced fish was served.

We also order po piah to dip into the asam laksa. Nice combination. But, I prefer Po Piah serve near Kek Lok Si.That’s all for my long long Penang food post. After this Penang trip, I can make a few conclusion:
  • Penang food are served in small portion
  • They provide huge prawns
  • Not all Penang food is nice ok?
  • To make Penang people like certain food, the taste must be super strong. Maybe they put in lots of Ajinomoto, flavouring, etc..

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