Wednesday, September 03, 2008

IMU Cup Football Champion 2008

First of all, congratulations to my junior for maintaining the title of IMU Cup Football Champion for this year. Last year, we created history by winning the first football cup for Pharmacy. Check out my post on my last year competition IMU Cup Football Champion 2007. I am so proud of you guys!!This year, they new players, including one good player from Korea. His name is Hwa Rang. I played with him once, and he is really a great player. Plus, captain Phang is doing great job in leading the team to win the trophy.
  • Try to spot the handsome Korean guy Hwa Rang in this picture
  • The indian guy really look like Prasad
  • And the chinese guy next to him really look like Vincent of P106

Badminton will be held this weekend at the badminton court in Puchong, near Giant Bandar Kinrara. Go there and give your support to the Pharmacy team. Also, let’s hope Phang can lead the team to win first ever futsal trophy for Pharmacy.

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