Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ee Lin in Kuantan

During the Merdeka weekend, Ee Lin and her church’s friend came to Kuantan for makan-makan trip. So, I brought them to the famous Kuantan Claypot Chicken Rice, where we ordered 6 big pot of claypot chicken rice.

The claypot is famous because it has Marmite-taste. Adrian is the first person to notice the Marmite taste. Clap! Clap! The serve decent amount of salted fish in the claypot. By the way, you can check out my previous post on Kuantan Claypot Chicken Rice for map to the place.

Next, we headed to Jalan Besar, or well known as Salted Fish street. There are a few stalls selling salted fish, as well as keropok there. I met Thomas Chew, senior of mine in IMU, who is now working in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He owns a Canon 30D. The picture in this post are taken from him.Can you see lots of salted fish at the back of the picture?

Hope you guys enjoy your makan-makan trip to Kuantan. :)

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