Wednesday, September 17, 2008

B104 Orientation

4 years ago, when I just begin my Uni life in IMU, I have to undergo 1 week of Orientation. It was quite memorable and fun at the same time. I did a lot of crazy stuff that I have not done before in my life.

Day 1 is known as Superstars and Superheroes Day. We have to dress up either as Phu Chu Kang, Superman, Batman, Elvis Presley, Zorro, or Michael Jackson. I am SUPERMAN for day 1, wearing red underwear with green strawberry outside.

Day 2 is known as Crossdressings Day. I will upload more pictures in my next post, so stay tune ar..

Day 3 is known as Cartoons Day & Telematch 1. We have to act as either Ninja Turtle, Mickey mouse, Peter Pan, Popeye, Shin Chan, or Lilo. I am Shin Chan!! I have thick eyebrow, with yellow cap. I also have an elephant bag. Telematch is where we played various games, and being punished with eggs, chillies, etc..

Day 4 is known as Villains Day and Detective Game Day. I cant recall those character during the Villains Day. Detective game is where we played game to find out clue to solve one criminal case given to us.Day 5 is known as Beggars Day and Telematch 2 Day. Basically, we have to dress up like beggars. This is the day all seniors are waiting as they have surprised for juniors. We were being blindfolded to go through a long pathway in IMU. Too bad I couldn’t join on the last day, because I fall sick.Day 6 is prize giving day and buffet night.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my Orientation Officers (OO).

Check out my next post for more pictures on Day 2 - Crossdressings Day.

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