Monday, August 25, 2008

KY Birthday at Italliannies

This year, I brought my dear to Italliannies at The Gardens. I heard positive review of their good services. The environment is good quite. I booked a table by the window. However, the scenery is not that nice.

I forgot the name of the food that I ordered. However, it contains chicken served with grilled potato. Ok ok only lar..

My dear ordered Angel’s Hair Pasta with Salmon. Freaking nice! The angel’s hair pasta is so smooth and tasteful. I put into HP84 Ho Jiak’s list.We also got a complementary birthday pudding from them. It is a raisin+strawberry pudding. First time I eat such a nice pudding.

Happy Birthday to my dear. Hope you’re happy and like the gift that I give you this year (although it is a bit simple and ‘cheap’).

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