Friday, August 29, 2008

Journey of House Pharmacist

Today I launch my new blog design. I am not good enough to write whole CSS on my own. So, after spending hours blog hopping, I decided to use theme by LEMONed. I make major changes to the colour as well as header.This time, my blog theme is ‘The Journey of House Pharmacist‘. Well, the header represent my future workplace. I have to go to battlefield, dealing with various weapons:
  • tablet bomb
  • capsule grenades
  • suppositories bullet
  • eye drop/ear drop rocket

All this weapon, I would like to name them as PharmacoWeapon.

  • Indication: Very powerful weapon that can kill off any diseases, bacteria, viruses
  • Adverse Effect: Lots of side effects to human beings

I took about 2 days to design this whole header and sidebar. Why do I choose army theme? Well, I will step in the working world, which lots of people describe like a battlefield. You will not know what will happen everyday, with lots of diseases in hospital, patient’s anger, doctor’s tantrum, etc..

Do give me comment, so that I can improve this theme design. I appreciate every single opinion.

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