Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coconut Sunflower Seafood

Last weekend I went down to KL to find my dear. Then, we meet up with CH and PY. We headed to Coconut Sunflower Seafood at Telok Gong. This place is much bigger than the PJ seafood near Damansara.

The first food that we ordered is Tom Yam Prawn in Coconut. I was too hungry before arriving there, and the Tom Yam cause my stomach discomfort. Too bad I can’t eat much that day.

Next, we ordered ‘Ham Dan’ Crab. The salted egg is not powerful enough, and the crab is a quite small. I still prefer the crab in Restoran Tak Fok in Kepong.Then, the waitress recommended their signature tofu, which I would name it as seafood tofu. The fish is really nice and the tofu is crispy outside and yummy inside.The price is quite reasonable. About RM25 per person. We were given free sample of the new Apple Anglia. Their service is quite good and fast too. Foods are served within 15 minutes.

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