Friday, August 29, 2008

Journey of House Pharmacist

Today I launch my new blog design. I am not good enough to write whole CSS on my own. So, after spending hours blog hopping, I decided to use theme by LEMONed. I make major changes to the colour as well as header.This time, my blog theme is ‘The Journey of House Pharmacist‘. Well, the header represent my future workplace. I have to go to battlefield, dealing with various weapons:
  • tablet bomb
  • capsule grenades
  • suppositories bullet
  • eye drop/ear drop rocket

All this weapon, I would like to name them as PharmacoWeapon.

  • Indication: Very powerful weapon that can kill off any diseases, bacteria, viruses
  • Adverse Effect: Lots of side effects to human beings

I took about 2 days to design this whole header and sidebar. Why do I choose army theme? Well, I will step in the working world, which lots of people describe like a battlefield. You will not know what will happen everyday, with lots of diseases in hospital, patient’s anger, doctor’s tantrum, etc..

Do give me comment, so that I can improve this theme design. I appreciate every single opinion.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coconut Sunflower Seafood

Last weekend I went down to KL to find my dear. Then, we meet up with CH and PY. We headed to Coconut Sunflower Seafood at Telok Gong. This place is much bigger than the PJ seafood near Damansara.

The first food that we ordered is Tom Yam Prawn in Coconut. I was too hungry before arriving there, and the Tom Yam cause my stomach discomfort. Too bad I can’t eat much that day.

Next, we ordered ‘Ham Dan’ Crab. The salted egg is not powerful enough, and the crab is a quite small. I still prefer the crab in Restoran Tak Fok in Kepong.Then, the waitress recommended their signature tofu, which I would name it as seafood tofu. The fish is really nice and the tofu is crispy outside and yummy inside.The price is quite reasonable. About RM25 per person. We were given free sample of the new Apple Anglia. Their service is quite good and fast too. Foods are served within 15 minutes.

Monday, August 25, 2008

KY Birthday at Italliannies

This year, I brought my dear to Italliannies at The Gardens. I heard positive review of their good services. The environment is good quite. I booked a table by the window. However, the scenery is not that nice.

I forgot the name of the food that I ordered. However, it contains chicken served with grilled potato. Ok ok only lar..

My dear ordered Angel’s Hair Pasta with Salmon. Freaking nice! The angel’s hair pasta is so smooth and tasteful. I put into HP84 Ho Jiak’s list.We also got a complementary birthday pudding from them. It is a raisin+strawberry pudding. First time I eat such a nice pudding.

Happy Birthday to my dear. Hope you’re happy and like the gift that I give you this year (although it is a bit simple and ‘cheap’).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

PY convocation

On 9th of August 2008, I attended PY’s convocation at UKM along with KY, ED, CL, and CH. She graduated with a degree of pharmacy from UKM. Pharmacy robe for UKM is red in colour. Below is the group picture at one of the famous spot for picture session.Next is picture of PY with her parent and brother.Next is the lovely couple of CH and PY.Lastly, this picture is a must to blog. HaHa.. Someone is too ‘happy till cry’. Actually, the place is too hot till PY sweat a lot. Actually all of us also sweat a lot. Then CH stick the tissue on her face. HaHa..Anyway, congratulations to PY. Wish you all the best in your future and get the hospital that you apply for.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cockroach Group

This video was taken by William during the IMU chinese singing competition 2008.

Watch Terry, Fei Hing, and Phang dancing. Really funny. I can't believe they enter the final with such an unsynchronised, but funny song. HaHa.

Remember to turn on your speaker. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yen Wei's Birthday

On 25th of July 2008, I went down KL for few hours. I managed to meet up with my IMU gang at Gasoline, Times Square.

I was surprised to find YW there, because I was not aware he also came to KL. So, we celebrated his birthday there, and we shared to buy an Esprit sling bag for him. We also took turn to feed him birthday cake.

Note: Pictures were reproduced with permission from WK.

Really long time didn’t meet up with all of you. Too bad PH is in his ‘the sinking of Penang’ island. Anyway, I am looking forward to the video that WK suggested few weeks ago.

Happy Birthday Yen Wei!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Da Chang Jin

Long long time ago, I went to Da Chang Jin at Sri Petaling with my IMU friends. Their lunch food is quite affordable. Dinner is more expensive.

I ordered Kimchi-Jjigae, which consist of boiled Kimchi stew with rice. Quite spicy and I sweat even in the air-conditioned restaurant.

Each time you go there, they will serve you with a variety of side dishes, which is free-of-charge. Got mushroom, potato, mini kimchi, vege, and sweet ikan bilis. They also serve one scoop of vanilla ice cream for free.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Awana Kijal Trip 2

Continue from my previous post on Awana Kijal Trip Part 1.

ater at night, we BBQ in the apartment. Yea, in the apartment’s balcony. HaHa.. It is quite fun, because of limited space and we had difficulty to start up the fire. We eat in aircond room. We BBQ weird stuff, thanks to my friends’ idea. The next day, I got diarrhoea. Among the weird food are BBQ marshmellow and apple with chocolate.

The ikan pari is not 100% cooked. We had overcooked chicken wing, meat ball, and sausages.At night we played Playstation 2.

The next morning, after having delicious breakfast (bread with tuna, bacon), we went for cycling around Awana Kijal. For RM10 per person for 1 hour, we get to ride all kind of bicycles including Harley Davidson-alike-bicycle, double bicycle, and BMX.

Before we left, we took some pictures at the hotel’s lobby.This is quite a fun trip, although quite tiring for all of us. We are looking forward to our next trip in this coming MATTA fair.