Friday, September 19, 2008

Great customer service

Today I went to Maxis to enquire about additional charge in my phone bill. They charge me extra RM50 for transfer of ownership (obviously, the line has always been mine, why and since when did I transfer my ownership?). For Maxis user out there, do check your bill for every single detail. Be a smart consumer.

Anyway, this post is meant to praise the customer service of Maxis. I head to Maxis Centre in Kuantan, and was really amazed by their efficient and good manner in handling my problem. The person who attend to me is ‘Angie’, and she is very professional. Within 5 minutes, my problems were solved. Also, before I left Maxis, I was given this Maxis Raya small box.

I also like Maxis customer hotline 123 (of course free-of-charge). Each time I called 123, they will provide very satisfied response.

Also, yesterday I went to KWSP office in Indera Mahkota. Well, this is the first time I experience fast and efficient service in government department, even though now is the fasting month. Within 15 minutes, I managed to open one KWSP account.

Let’s clap clap clap for both Maxis and KWSP!!

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