Friday, July 18, 2008

Dreary Fuzzy

Till now, still no news about my placement in hospital. I know some of my friends started to work in pharmacy to gain experience. Some go holiday all around the world.

What am I doing? I just stay at home, watching TV, reading books, and online. Sometimes I played futsal with my Kuantan friends, but I really played badly. Can’t even dribble pass other people.

See the picture below. I am too free till I drive to a nice beach in Kuantan. Take picture of the plant. It seems bigger than me, but the plant is just the size of my palm. Do some editing in Photoshop and that’s it!

I have lots of thing in my mind. So much thing to do, but lots of thing holding me back.

Recently, I like to learn new English word using Thesaurus. I am also addicted to the game ‘TextTwist’ in my phone.

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