Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Back Seat Boys

Today I would like to introduce The Back Seat Boys. They are my closest and best friends in IMU. I do not include Prasad and Chia Whey here.

Li Guo

As far as I know, he is brought up in a strict family. That’s how he become Li Guo that we know. Li Guo is a kind-hearted person and loves to help others. He is a hardworking and smart guy. Congratulations to him for winning one of the book award from Boehringer Ingelheim.

He has lots of theory and his brain is always working, full with questions. Why like this? Why like that? I learnt a lot from you, especially from your thinking perspective (although can be odd and we can argue our points till I fed up).

Sometimes, I feel that he can be easily bamboozled. Good example is he got trick by Low Yat seller. Because of that, I feel that he always being ‘used’ by our coursemate. Pity him.

Lastly, I believe he can be a good husband in the future.

Poh Hon

This guys is the youngest and tallest among our gang. I still remember all of us can get into the Casino in Genting Highland, and he waited outside like a small kid. HaHa.. He is an avid fan of Hebe of the Taiwanese SHE group.

I agree with Wai Kit that Poh Hon equals to money. However, if you plan to buy IT-related item, you should look for this guys. He will buy item that is most cost-effective. He can spend hours shopping in Low Yat plaza. This guys can spend hours with his frenetic DotA games.

We have lots of good and bad times together. This guy is famous for his trademark release of gas from bowel through the bottom. Most of us had been ‘killed’ by his deadly gas. It is so hard to get into his SLK (small little kelisa).

Wai Kit

I only get to talk to him more when I get into their gang. Before I got to know him, I thought he must be from a rich family, because he always eat at the luxurious food avenue. After knowing him, he is indeed filthy rich. He eat Haagen Dasz and go for expensive food all around KL.

I still don’t really know Wai Kit well. He is a very neat and organized person, judging by his appearance, his way of doing things. I am sure he is the kind of friend that will offer help when we need it. I always seek advise from him for nice food in KL. Still remember Sem7? You keep on shouting out of your Myvi for certain reason. HaHa.. It is a good way to release anger and stress.

Yen Wei

I got to know him before we entered IMU. We got to know each other from KUSTEM (now UMT). I remembered we shared umbrella to walk to the campus from our hostel (romantic hor) and he keeps on asking for people’s CGPA.

Our friendship got stronger after I shifted to his apartment during Sem 4. We became ‘husband and wife’ during Li Guo’s birthday. This guy has the strongest autoeroticism. He has the most voice of dissent between our gang. I remember the journey from Malacca back to KL, he argues with Zhi Yang for the whole journey. HeHe.. The best is when he is at loggerheads with Poh Hon, all the rude Penang Hokkien words came out of their mouth. I can’t understand a single word. HaHa..

This guy has very great vision in mind and I believe he can be very successful in the world of pharmacy.

Zhi Yang

He is my roommate during Sem1 when we got tricked into IMU hostel. He is a squeaky-clean person. He can spend up to 1 hour in the bathroom.

The first impression when I first met him was he is a geek. The centre-parting hairstyle guy that I knew had metamorphosed into a modern spiky hairstlye guy. He is a guy with lots of ‘pantang’. E.g. He needs to walk behind all of us when we go out.

This guy looks thin but he got a very big brain (limbic system) and also big stomach. He is a smart guy who attend only about 1% of the lecture, but manage to do well because of his big limbic system. He can memorize all the lecture notes the night before exam. He also can eat like a glutton!

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