Thursday, July 31, 2008

Awana Kijal Trip 1

Last weekend I went to Awana Kijal with KY, CH, PY, ED, and CL. It was a relaxation trip for all of us. 6 of us made it a must to travel together at least once a year. Last year, we went for Triple Island Trip in Perhentian, Redang, and Lang Tengah island.

Awana Kijal is located not far away from Kemaman town. We drop by at Kemaman to eat the famous stuffed crab in Restoran Tong Juan. Expensive! RM17 per person.

Then, we checked in to our apartment, which is quite comfortable, with all the amenities available. Sad to say, the maintenance in Awana Kijal is quite bad. We squatted in front of the entrance.

We also played game of Ping Pong, quite fun because we realized that it is quite hard to multitask. We need to mention a name (place, brand, artist, etc..) while hitting the ball. RM5 per hour. Quite reasonable price. We also played carom there.There is also Giant chess set, Giant ladder game.Later in the evening, we swim and played water polo. The jacuzzi is quite dirty, water is yellowish, so we didnt get to soak in the jacuzzi.

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