Thursday, July 31, 2008

Awana Kijal Trip 1

Last weekend I went to Awana Kijal with KY, CH, PY, ED, and CL. It was a relaxation trip for all of us. 6 of us made it a must to travel together at least once a year. Last year, we went for Triple Island Trip in Perhentian, Redang, and Lang Tengah island.

Awana Kijal is located not far away from Kemaman town. We drop by at Kemaman to eat the famous stuffed crab in Restoran Tong Juan. Expensive! RM17 per person.

Then, we checked in to our apartment, which is quite comfortable, with all the amenities available. Sad to say, the maintenance in Awana Kijal is quite bad. We squatted in front of the entrance.

We also played game of Ping Pong, quite fun because we realized that it is quite hard to multitask. We need to mention a name (place, brand, artist, etc..) while hitting the ball. RM5 per hour. Quite reasonable price. We also played carom there.There is also Giant chess set, Giant ladder game.Later in the evening, we swim and played water polo. The jacuzzi is quite dirty, water is yellowish, so we didnt get to soak in the jacuzzi.

Click here for Awana Kijal Trip Part 2.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Studio Photo

I just went to scan my studio photo today. I took my convocation photo with my family at PhotoRex, Pudu. However, they did not provide me with the digital format. I have compiled some of the pics into one big picture.I am still waiting for posting from the government. Damn boring everyday at home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa

Today I come across CurryEgg’s blog on her post of ‘Mariah Carey - Bye Bye’.

Do you believe in spirit? I believe because lots of thing happen recently. You may think me as odd, or believe in something without logic. But, I really believe now. My family need to pray for grandma on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th week. I remember there is a beautiful white butterfly flying around my house. My family member do buy lottery (TOTO), and a few of them hit the number because of those lucky number that my grandma hint us.

CurryEgg also faced the same sad feeling as me. I miss my granma a lot. I have dreamt of her twice. I thought I can continue my usual life. But it is totally different now. I act strong in front of my friends, my relatives, my girlfriend. I act happy playing futsal and go out yam cha with my friends. But when I am alone, I am still thinking of her. I try to fill my time by reading books, watch Astro drama, online, but I still cant forget her.

I promised to be a better person. Sometimes my relatives questioned me about how am I? I am still fine. They are worried about me. Even KY’s parents also worried about me. I can assured all of you that everything that I do, I have a reason behind it. There is no need to say it out. When I was young, my grandma said I am a person with very sharp vision. Every decision that I made, I made it with my heart of hearts.

I also found a picture of my grandpa. He left this world in 1993. I still remember he sit at the canteen waiting for me when I was in Primary 1. He fetch me to school using his bicycle and sent me food during recess time.

I hope my grandpa and grandma can be together forever.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Subsribe to HP84

Today I made two addition to my blog. First, I register with Feedburner. This will allow my blog reader to subscribe to my blog. I like the word ‘chicletize’ used by Feedburner. Can you see the button of Google and Yahoo? Click that and you can subscribe to my blog. Once I have update my blog, you will be the first one to be notified.You can also view my blog feed at this link This link is also useful if you want to view from your mobile phone.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dreary Fuzzy

Till now, still no news about my placement in hospital. I know some of my friends started to work in pharmacy to gain experience. Some go holiday all around the world.

What am I doing? I just stay at home, watching TV, reading books, and online. Sometimes I played futsal with my Kuantan friends, but I really played badly. Can’t even dribble pass other people.

See the picture below. I am too free till I drive to a nice beach in Kuantan. Take picture of the plant. It seems bigger than me, but the plant is just the size of my palm. Do some editing in Photoshop and that’s it!

I have lots of thing in my mind. So much thing to do, but lots of thing holding me back.

Recently, I like to learn new English word using Thesaurus. I am also addicted to the game ‘TextTwist’ in my phone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shell Contest

Today I went to post office to submit 41 pieces of Shell’s contest form.I would like to thank my dad, aunt, gf, and friends for helping me to collect their petrol receipt. 41 pieces x RM30 = more than RM1200 worth of petrol.

I am a really loyal Shell customer. I also collected all the Shell Ferrari car models and you can check my collection from my previous 2 posts in my blog:

I really hope Shell can let me be one of the lucky 700 weekly winner.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jang NaRa

I started to listen to Korean music since secondary school, thanks to my cousin Sue Lyn (she migrated to Australia dy lor..) who burned 2 pieces of Korean songs for me. Since then, I have been listening to Korean song, although i don’t understand 99% of it. HaHa..

Jang Nara (장나라) has always been my favourite Korean singer. Just will post a picture here so that you guys can have a look (Picture taken from Check out her website if you want to know more about her at

NB: One of my aunt used to say I look like Korean. Do I? HeHe..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Back Seat Boys

Today I would like to introduce The Back Seat Boys. They are my closest and best friends in IMU. I do not include Prasad and Chia Whey here.

Li Guo

As far as I know, he is brought up in a strict family. That’s how he become Li Guo that we know. Li Guo is a kind-hearted person and loves to help others. He is a hardworking and smart guy. Congratulations to him for winning one of the book award from Boehringer Ingelheim.

He has lots of theory and his brain is always working, full with questions. Why like this? Why like that? I learnt a lot from you, especially from your thinking perspective (although can be odd and we can argue our points till I fed up).

Sometimes, I feel that he can be easily bamboozled. Good example is he got trick by Low Yat seller. Because of that, I feel that he always being ‘used’ by our coursemate. Pity him.

Lastly, I believe he can be a good husband in the future.

Poh Hon

This guys is the youngest and tallest among our gang. I still remember all of us can get into the Casino in Genting Highland, and he waited outside like a small kid. HaHa.. He is an avid fan of Hebe of the Taiwanese SHE group.

I agree with Wai Kit that Poh Hon equals to money. However, if you plan to buy IT-related item, you should look for this guys. He will buy item that is most cost-effective. He can spend hours shopping in Low Yat plaza. This guys can spend hours with his frenetic DotA games.

We have lots of good and bad times together. This guy is famous for his trademark release of gas from bowel through the bottom. Most of us had been ‘killed’ by his deadly gas. It is so hard to get into his SLK (small little kelisa).

Wai Kit

I only get to talk to him more when I get into their gang. Before I got to know him, I thought he must be from a rich family, because he always eat at the luxurious food avenue. After knowing him, he is indeed filthy rich. He eat Haagen Dasz and go for expensive food all around KL.

I still don’t really know Wai Kit well. He is a very neat and organized person, judging by his appearance, his way of doing things. I am sure he is the kind of friend that will offer help when we need it. I always seek advise from him for nice food in KL. Still remember Sem7? You keep on shouting out of your Myvi for certain reason. HaHa.. It is a good way to release anger and stress.

Yen Wei

I got to know him before we entered IMU. We got to know each other from KUSTEM (now UMT). I remembered we shared umbrella to walk to the campus from our hostel (romantic hor) and he keeps on asking for people’s CGPA.

Our friendship got stronger after I shifted to his apartment during Sem 4. We became ‘husband and wife’ during Li Guo’s birthday. This guy has the strongest autoeroticism. He has the most voice of dissent between our gang. I remember the journey from Malacca back to KL, he argues with Zhi Yang for the whole journey. HeHe.. The best is when he is at loggerheads with Poh Hon, all the rude Penang Hokkien words came out of their mouth. I can’t understand a single word. HaHa..

This guy has very great vision in mind and I believe he can be very successful in the world of pharmacy.

Zhi Yang

He is my roommate during Sem1 when we got tricked into IMU hostel. He is a squeaky-clean person. He can spend up to 1 hour in the bathroom.

The first impression when I first met him was he is a geek. The centre-parting hairstyle guy that I knew had metamorphosed into a modern spiky hairstlye guy. He is a guy with lots of ‘pantang’. E.g. He needs to walk behind all of us when we go out.

This guy looks thin but he got a very big brain (limbic system) and also big stomach. He is a smart guy who attend only about 1% of the lecture, but manage to do well because of his big limbic system. He can memorize all the lecture notes the night before exam. He also can eat like a glutton!