Saturday, June 07, 2008

Convo dinner

On 24th May 2008, after having our convocation in the morning, we had our convocation dinner at Putrajaya Shangrila. It was just a small and simple event attended by all my coursemates and a few lecturers.

I think Student Representative Council (SRC) of IMU sponsored us one big cake. Very cute the cartoon graduates on the cake.

Next is picture of the girls, with some of the lecturers, including Miss Wong, Miss Chrissy, and Miss July.Lastly, before we went home, 7 guys (which I would name ‘the 7 back seat boys’), did a lot of crazy post at the hotel walkway. Why 7 back seat boys? That’s because we always sit at the back of the class and don’t concentrate during lecture, HaHa.. Don’t worry, we will still be a good pharmacist. The picture below is from Poh Hon’s blog. Check out his blog for more pictures.NB: Interview result shall be out within 2 weeks time.. nervous..

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