Friday, June 27, 2008

Teluk Cempedak Beach

I like Kuantan so much because it is such a peaceful town to live in. No traffic jam and living cost is much lower compared to Kuala Lumpur.

I can say Kuantan is the cleanest town in Malaysia. The picture below show you one of the tourist attraction in Kuantan - Teluk Cempedak Beach.

The sand found in this beach is not the natural sand in the 1990s. Due to increase in sea level, they extend and increase the beach level and also brought in sands from somewhere else. If you want to experience the soft and natural sand, head to the beach near Taman Teruntum.

I hope to go back to Kuantan when I get old.

I change my blog template to darker theme. I also increase my blog content size and also bigger picture size.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I miss my grandma

11th June 2008, 6 PM, my grandma leave this world to another world.

I miss her presence. She brought me up to be who I am today.

Although I have not much picture taken with her, but I will cherish those memories that I have with her.

Hopefully, both my grandpa and grandma can be happily together. I promised to take good care of myself. Don’t worry about me.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Convo dinner

On 24th May 2008, after having our convocation in the morning, we had our convocation dinner at Putrajaya Shangrila. It was just a small and simple event attended by all my coursemates and a few lecturers.

I think Student Representative Council (SRC) of IMU sponsored us one big cake. Very cute the cartoon graduates on the cake.

Next is picture of the girls, with some of the lecturers, including Miss Wong, Miss Chrissy, and Miss July.Lastly, before we went home, 7 guys (which I would name ‘the 7 back seat boys’), did a lot of crazy post at the hotel walkway. Why 7 back seat boys? That’s because we always sit at the back of the class and don’t concentrate during lecture, HaHa.. Don’t worry, we will still be a good pharmacist. The picture below is from Poh Hon’s blog. Check out his blog for more pictures.NB: Interview result shall be out within 2 weeks time.. nervous..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Manchester United Barclays Trophy

Today I went to Highstreet at 1Utama to see the official Barclays Premier League Trophy. Thanks to AirAsia for bringing the Manchester United’s Barcalys Premier League Trophy Tour 2008. We got free pictures by Canon. Got PS2 (winning eleven) and even foosball to play there.

I get to snap picture from the old box till the trophy was put on the stage. Cool rite.. The mat salleh guy kept the key to the old box.

I get to ‘hold’ the trophy. The trophy is close to me. Last year I won IMU Cup football competition, we just got small medal. See how big the trophy.Next is picture of Edward ‘kissing’ the trophy. You can even see the reflection of his face from the trophy.
I was at 1Utama since 11AM, went to MPH to read ‘The AirAsia Story’. Datuk Tony Fernandes is indeed a man with vision. His book is a must to read. Hope can meet him up one day.

Lastly, I enter the contest and hopefully I can win the grand prize, which is ticket for 2 to watch the first Manchester United Premier League match for 2008/2009 season. Let’s hope I can win okie :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Convocation Part 3

Let me show you the final part of my convocation pictures at Subang Sheraton. Below is picture taken with my lecturers.Next is picture taken with my family.Lastly, picture taken with Edward. Thanks for coming to my convocation and helps me to take my whole family picture.Recently, I don’t have the ompph to blog. Too lazy to write a post. Still waiting for my posting with government hospital. Hopefully I can get to work in the hospital that I apply.