Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finish Interview

Today I went to Parcel C of Pusat Pentadbiran Awam Malaysia. This is where you can find office of SuruhanJaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia. Just head to 6th floor (interview rooms). Be there early as the there will be traffic jam at Putrajaya in the morning.We were surprised when we reached there. There were more than 200 other fresh graduates like us waiting to be interviewed. SPA handled the process very well.

Well, I think the interview is quite relaxing. More like a Q&A question. There will be 2 interviewers, I heard one is from SPA, and the other is a pharmacist.

A lot of people keep on asking what question that they may ask. I heard from our local uni friends that they may ask Dasar Kerajaan, important people names. We were not asked of any single name..

As far as I can remember, they asked me:

  • intro myself and my family
  • co-curriculum and sports activities
  • difference between football and futsal. FIFA rule?
  • difference between generic and original drug
  • uses of aspirin and side effects
  • rukun negara, explain about it (got 5 rukun negara ok!!)
  • perbelanjaan negara untuk kesihatan (i answered more than RM 1 billion, but dunno the exact amount).. correct!!

Actually, they can ask anything under the sun. Don’t worry as the whole interview process is just a formality. Answer honestly and truthfully. Apologize if you don’t know the answer.

BTW, you can get more pictures taken by Dr. Kang at my Flickr account.

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