Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Convocation Part 2

I want to attend convocation again, the feeling of convocation is very nice. Words cant describe my feeling.

Anyway, I compiled pictures taken with my coursemate, so this post may take up some time to load. You may notice that my coursemate are mostly girls (13 guys and 44 girls).

Next is my best friends in IMU (Li Guo is in the next picture). We go through the good and bad times together. Always late for class, doing weird stuff at the back of the class, go for long lunch, really miss those good times with you guys. I need to to get picture of Poh Hon too (still waiting photo from his Panasonic Tz-15).Next is picture taken with Li Guo, the Boehringer-Ingelheim Award winner for the area of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. A kind-hearted person, who always put other people before himself.Congratulations to all my coursemates!!

Next I will post pictures taken with my family, followed by lecturers. And also my convo night dinner at Putrajaya Shangrila. So, stay tune!!

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