Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Convocation Part 2

I want to attend convocation again, the feeling of convocation is very nice. Words cant describe my feeling.

Anyway, I compiled pictures taken with my coursemate, so this post may take up some time to load. You may notice that my coursemate are mostly girls (13 guys and 44 girls).

Next is my best friends in IMU (Li Guo is in the next picture). We go through the good and bad times together. Always late for class, doing weird stuff at the back of the class, go for long lunch, really miss those good times with you guys. I need to to get picture of Poh Hon too (still waiting photo from his Panasonic Tz-15).Next is picture taken with Li Guo, the Boehringer-Ingelheim Award winner for the area of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. A kind-hearted person, who always put other people before himself.Congratulations to all my coursemates!!

Next I will post pictures taken with my family, followed by lecturers. And also my convo night dinner at Putrajaya Shangrila. So, stay tune!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I am a pharmacist

Finally, after 4 years of study, I am now a pharmacist!! HurraY!!!!Last Saturday (24th May 2008), i attended convocation at Grand Selangor Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel, Subang. Took lots of pictures with my family, friends, and lecturers. Will post more pictures in my next post. Very busy this few days.

I went to PhotoRex at Pudu and took more than 20 pictures with one 11R and one 16R picture. Hope those pictures are nice. Meantime, let’s go holiday!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finish Interview

Today I went to Parcel C of Pusat Pentadbiran Awam Malaysia. This is where you can find office of SuruhanJaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia. Just head to 6th floor (interview rooms). Be there early as the there will be traffic jam at Putrajaya in the morning.We were surprised when we reached there. There were more than 200 other fresh graduates like us waiting to be interviewed. SPA handled the process very well.

Well, I think the interview is quite relaxing. More like a Q&A question. There will be 2 interviewers, I heard one is from SPA, and the other is a pharmacist.

A lot of people keep on asking what question that they may ask. I heard from our local uni friends that they may ask Dasar Kerajaan, important people names. We were not asked of any single name..

As far as I can remember, they asked me:

  • intro myself and my family
  • co-curriculum and sports activities
  • difference between football and futsal. FIFA rule?
  • difference between generic and original drug
  • uses of aspirin and side effects
  • rukun negara, explain about it (got 5 rukun negara ok!!)
  • perbelanjaan negara untuk kesihatan (i answered more than RM 1 billion, but dunno the exact amount).. correct!!

Actually, they can ask anything under the sun. Don’t worry as the whole interview process is just a formality. Answer honestly and truthfully. Apologize if you don’t know the answer.

BTW, you can get more pictures taken by Dr. Kang at my Flickr account.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chili's Grill & Bar

Exactly one month ago, me and KY had our diner at Chili’s Grill & Bar, KLCC. We went to PC Fair at KL Convention Centre to get HP printer ink. This is the first time we tried Chili’s food. We had to wait for about 30 minutes before getting a place. Very crowded.

I ordered Firecracker Fish Fillet, basically it is grilled dory fish with sweet and sour taste plus sesame seeds.

My dear ordered Monterey Chicken, because it has mashed potatoes.We also ordered one bottomless fruit juice (green guava), got free refill.
The best food for the day is the promotion item, HI & Mighty Pie. It is ice cream cake, with the vanilla pilled high on top of the crushed Oreo biscuit. Served with my favourite caramel and non-favourite chocolate sauce. Saliva drooling..
The price is expensive for student, but once I start work, I’ll definitely come again. Wait for me Chili’s!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

National Planeterium

Few weeks ago, I went to National Planeterium with KY. This is my first time visiting the place.

For the price of RM 3, we get to visit the exhibition gallery plus watching ‘threats from the space’ movie.

In the exhibition gallery, we get to observe some of the greatest discovery such as the Discovery air ship, International Space Station, Viking engine, and much more. There is a ‘black hole’ room and ‘anti-gravity’ room.

Lastly, is a picture taken with Dr Sheikh Muszaphar & Capt. Dr Faiz. Can I be the future angkasa pharmacist? HeHe..

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Convocation Dinner

Dear all my coursemates,

In about 2 weeks time, we will be having our convo dinner. Below is the comfirmed information that I obtained from Cindy.

  • Venue: Putrajaya Shangri-la (Dewan Putra Perdana)
  • Time: 7pm
  • Dresscode: Smart casual/ formal
  • Menu : International Buffet Menu A
  • Attendance: Lecturers, All B104 students, family (optional), partners (optional)
  • Price per pax: RM 95.00 ++ (RM 110 NETT) for all categories

Lecturers will pay full amount for their part.

Prof Peter Pook gave us a cheque of RM 1,000 made payable to Putrajaya Shangri-la to subsidise the STUDENT’s dinner. For further detail, please check your mailbox. Cindy had sent a very detailed and organized arrangement to everyone.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shabu Shabu King

Shabu shabu = A japanese dish o thin slices of meat and vegetables.

Last year (I can’t remember the exact date), I went to Shabu Shabu King with KY, Neh, and Pei San. This is my second time to this Shabu Shabu King, which is located in SS2, PJ. It is a japanese style buffet steamboat. That time, I think the price is about RM18+ per person.
We ate a lot that night, no time to take much pics. HaHa..

Actually Shabu Shabu King’s dessert is the best. They serve pudding, jelly, cheese cake, etc.. Once they bring the dessert out from the kitchen, it will be gone in minutes!Below is picture of Neh, Pei San, and KY.Finally is picture of HP and KY.