Friday, April 18, 2008

Yo Sushi

Last Wednesday I went with ky to Yo! Sushi at The Gardens, Midvalley. They have unlimited miso soup and green tea, but i forgot the price.

Firstly, we ordered Soft Shell Crab with Mizuna because the have 50% off promotion for that day. It is a tempura fried soft shell crab with mizuna leaf, prickeld radish, yuzu tobiko, and sweet chilli mayonnaise.

We also ordered Chirashi Sushi, which is consist of 5 varieties of fish on sushi rice.Next is picture of Assorted ISO, which consist of eel dragon roll, Yo! roll, and vegetable futomaki.Below is one of the best food for the night, hairy prawns which is black-tiger prawn wrapped with crispy kadaifi pastry plus wasabi ginger.Although the price is much more expensive compared to Sushi King and Sushi Groove, but the service there is quite good.

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