Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pharmacist Graduate

After 4 years of study in International Medical University (IMU), I am finally a pharmacist graduate. I am looking forward for my convocation on 24th of May 2008 at Subang Sheraton. Before that I will have an interview at Putrajaya.

I manage to get pictures from Dr Kang and I edit it as a long potrait picture. Actually, we are suppose to wear in either white, grey or black. See the combination of 3 colours, nice rite?

Also, we took some weird weird picture. When Dr Kang mention any lecturer name, we are suppose to have a pose that best represent ourself in the classroom. HaHa..

See the picture below, can you spot Wai Kit dancing? HaHa.. which lecturer har?

Next picture must be from a very boring lecturer. HeHe..I got more picture from Dr Kang. If you guys want, let me know ok? About 600 Mb for all pictures.

Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!!

Soon to be Provisional Registered Pharamacist (PRP).

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