Tuesday, April 22, 2008

KL Tower

How do you spend your weekend?

Last Saturday, I went with KY for trip around KL area. No traffic jam, so syok. We had our lunch at Meng Kee, near Jalan Alor. The char siu rice is so nice, roasted perfectly with honey, and melt in your mouth. Those black thingy is not carcinogenic ok? It is honey..

Then, we went to KL Tower, which is currently the 4th tallest communication tower in the world at 421m. It is a nice place to see KL sky view, apart from Look Out Point.

Below is the picture of KL tower. Entrance fee is RM20 for adult, and just present your MyKad and you can get 50% discount. The staff working there are very friendly with good English.

Next is pictures from the observation deck. Nice huh..It took us 1 minute 0.41 seconds to get from down from the top of the tower. I can feel changes of pressure in my ear.After that, we went to another place somewhere in Kepong. Nice place to relax. Want to know more? Stay tune..

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