Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pharmacist Graduate

After 4 years of study in International Medical University (IMU), I am finally a pharmacist graduate. I am looking forward for my convocation on 24th of May 2008 at Subang Sheraton. Before that I will have an interview at Putrajaya.

I manage to get pictures from Dr Kang and I edit it as a long potrait picture. Actually, we are suppose to wear in either white, grey or black. See the combination of 3 colours, nice rite?

Also, we took some weird weird picture. When Dr Kang mention any lecturer name, we are suppose to have a pose that best represent ourself in the classroom. HaHa..

See the picture below, can you spot Wai Kit dancing? HaHa.. which lecturer har?

Next picture must be from a very boring lecturer. HeHe..I got more picture from Dr Kang. If you guys want, let me know ok? About 600 Mb for all pictures.

Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!!

Soon to be Provisional Registered Pharamacist (PRP).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kepong Park

On the same day after visiting KL Tower, I went to Kepong Park with my dear. This is the first time we been there, usually just drive pass the area. It is a nice place for people of all ages to go.

This park has a very big lake. Just climb up the observation building and you will have a great bird’s eye view of the whole park. I think we can see beautiful sunset from there too.

See the next picture, lots of people playing kites there. Kites of all shapes and designs can be found. Got doraemon kite also, hehe..By the way, I also want to use this post to create awareness among my blog visitors on Global Warming! also got contribution to the earth you know.. Even my dear also wear green on the day.Why not we do our part to help our earth? I will not elaborate further, just check out Bonuslink GreenEarth Program to find out more. My suggestion is try to go more to any park during the weekend and enjoy the mother nature. I find it very relaxing sitting there enjoying breeze wind and listening to laughter of happiness among family.

As a blogger, you may contribute by blogging on Go Green to help create awareness among your reader.

Go go go Green!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

KL Tower

How do you spend your weekend?

Last Saturday, I went with KY for trip around KL area. No traffic jam, so syok. We had our lunch at Meng Kee, near Jalan Alor. The char siu rice is so nice, roasted perfectly with honey, and melt in your mouth. Those black thingy is not carcinogenic ok? It is honey..

Then, we went to KL Tower, which is currently the 4th tallest communication tower in the world at 421m. It is a nice place to see KL sky view, apart from Look Out Point.

Below is the picture of KL tower. Entrance fee is RM20 for adult, and just present your MyKad and you can get 50% discount. The staff working there are very friendly with good English.

Next is pictures from the observation deck. Nice huh..It took us 1 minute 0.41 seconds to get from down from the top of the tower. I can feel changes of pressure in my ear.After that, we went to another place somewhere in Kepong. Nice place to relax. Want to know more? Stay tune..

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yo Sushi

Last Wednesday I went with ky to Yo! Sushi at The Gardens, Midvalley. They have unlimited miso soup and green tea, but i forgot the price.

Firstly, we ordered Soft Shell Crab with Mizuna because the have 50% off promotion for that day. It is a tempura fried soft shell crab with mizuna leaf, prickeld radish, yuzu tobiko, and sweet chilli mayonnaise.

We also ordered Chirashi Sushi, which is consist of 5 varieties of fish on sushi rice.Next is picture of Assorted ISO, which consist of eel dragon roll, Yo! roll, and vegetable futomaki.Below is one of the best food for the night, hairy prawns which is black-tiger prawn wrapped with crispy kadaifi pastry plus wasabi ginger.Although the price is much more expensive compared to Sushi King and Sushi Groove, but the service there is quite good.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

End of University Life

I’m so relieved today. I’ve finished my 4 years of pharmacy course in International Medical University (IMU). This Friday I will have briefing with staff from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA). Exam result will be released on 25th of April 2008. After that, I need to undergo interview for placement in government hospital.

This mark the end of another chapter in my life, I shall name it as ‘University‘. Lots of sweet and sour memories in IMU, I will definitely miss the life as a university student.

I shall also name the new chapter of my life as ‘Work‘.

I have lots of thing to do during this 3 months break. Let me list it here ok:

  • I plan to backpack to places in Malaysia that I’ve never been to
  • I plan to climb Mount Kinabalu (anyone want to join?)
  • I want to learn more on financial planning
  • I want to play more football and futsal